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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Old Project Finished

I'm sure I'm the only one with a bunch of unfinished projects - :)
I have been working on trying to get them done, just cause I'm tired of them laying around. Have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but at least the tops are finished and maybe I have some quilt tops that I can practice my free motion quilting on --  Lemons to Lemonade!

This is the latest, just finished it today.  It was a kit that I bought, came with the pattern - "Not Your Grandmothers Tubmling Blocks". I remember starting this at a retreat ( it was where I learned NEVER to cut the fabric for a quilt while at retreat --  I got so confused! ) and the pattern is a really cool way to make a tumbling block quilt. I might even sometime make another sometime in the future.  It's strip pieced! Cut it right and it goes together really easy.

But I also learned another thing from this project - that not all kits are created equal -- either I did something really wrong or they just didn't give enough.  There was just not quite enough fabric for the outer border.  The kit came pre-cut strips. Four strips for the outer border...that was all well and good, but I need just TWO MORE INCHES!~  Just TWO MORE!  I think they measured without the inner border.

So I got creative and added in a couple of strips at the bottom border.  A quilter short on fabric has to do what a quilter has to do ;D

So here it is! and I like it.


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