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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


( Thanks Amy for the Bloggers Fall Quilt Festival! This is my submission quilt)

I finally, yes finally finished the Random Blocks quilt that my friend tirane MADE me do... yes, she twisted my arm and forced me to make this quilt ...

It has taken forever for me to finish it - well at least the top is done. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to do the back,, one piece of new fabric ( OH NO! that would mean a shopping trip lol ) or piece it from several fabrics or... who knows. There is not really enough left overs from the top ( and they are pretty good fabrics that I could use in something else ),,,

gee, I bet if someone talked enough I could be bribed into a shopping trip...!

TA -DA !!

random blocks

go visit tirane at her blog http://www.quiltifications.blogspot.com/ and see hers... she may even have both of these posted together
but if she hasn't done that yet,, here is hers .

Isn't it fun to see how you can take the SAME pattern and make it so many different ways - how just using different fabrics gives a different feel to the quilt, how you can see the different personalities in friends emerge in their fabric selections.

Grab a buddy, make the same quilt, and see how much fun this can be.
I double dog dare you!!

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