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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How much wine is too much Whine?

I'm working on my third glass full - actually I need to go pour it! LOL,, DH is gone so he can't rib me too much about how much is too much ( he doesn't believe in drinking at all... too bad ) I have a good Texas Reisling made in the LLano vinyards,,, very very good...

funny thing is,, doesn't take much to make me ohhh so mellow, and chilled out... LOL wonder how this typing is going!?

no rotary cutters tonite,

think I'm going to chill and read some of ya'lls blogs
LOL ... oh,,, I feel veeerrryy relaxed...


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hello! I'm Back!

Hello All!
It's been a little bit since I've posted anything - life has been busy, fun, hectic, fun, tiring, -- just FULL! We just got back from a fun few days in Branson Missouri... saw a couple of shows, ate A LOT (giggles), saw lots of trees and hills and had a good time. There is a wonderful quilt shop on the main drag called Quilts and Quilts - if you ever get close to Branson, it's very well worth stopping by! You won't believe the amount of patterns, fabric and the samples! OH MY,,, makes my neck hurt from all the looking up I was doing to see them all!

Well, before we left I got a new toy -- yep, bought me one of them things on Ebay - she is a very very pretty Featherweight, born January 1955 ( I have the day but can't remember it right now ). I am really very happy with my 'win'... 145608631_tp I was hoping to get one with the scroll faceplate,,, but I like this one just fine! 145608736_oThere is not a lot of scratches, the decals are in perfect shape.
The case is in perfect shape, too! 145608876_o 145608913_o

and all the attachments,,, I don't have any idea just what to do with some of them !!?? 145608776_oThey remind me of the weird, old tools you would see in a museum - like the things they show dentists or doctors use -- really strange! Someday, I'll have to sit down and try them all out, that will be fun...

There is an instruction manual and the original cards with bobbins, oil ( it's empty ) and needles. 145608821_oHow cool! Note the prices on these things,,, bobbins for $.30 WOW!

My goodest friend was here when the nice mailman delivered her ( got to call the machine something, right? I need to think up a name LOL ). She took her all apart and made sure that there was nothing terribly wrong. She even oiled her all up for me.

Sews like a champ! I bought some inexpensive fat quarters and started a Turning Twenty.. I figured that it would be something easy to start with to just get to know the machine. I love it! Took her to bee this week and sewed just great!

But,, I must confess,,, she stinks - just like old oil and grease. Yuck! Anyone got any foolproof ways to get rid of that .... s m e l l ... ???

So that's what I've been up to ---- what about you?

Oh! I have gotten a little sewing done today,,, I'll show you tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hyena In Petticoats: Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

If the Cathedral Window quilt seems very intimidating to you ( it does me! ) then go check out this tutorial! Machine made no less! no hand sewing - unless you just want to ( nnaaahhh !! )

Hyena In Petticoats: Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

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