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Monday, June 30, 2008


Log Cabin and Stars

WOW, it's been a long time since I've written anything - no, I didn't fall off the earth ( wish I had ( grin ) ) and no, I didn't win the lottery. I've been working much too much, coming home, falling asleep and starting all over again.

I do not like it.

But, enough about my woes and worries,,, guess I should be real glad that I have a job that is so busy that I get to work 50 or more hours a week! ( I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad,,, see me smile? )

So,,, what have I finished (almost )? My biggest quilt ever! It's the Log Cabin and Stars that is done is blues, reds, tans and whites


I think there was a million pieces.... and It came out SO BIG! A whopping 100 x 110! It just kept growing and growing. But I love how it came out.

AND,,, all the fabrics came from my STASH!! WHOO WHOO! How much better can it get than that! ( I think I need to start a counter to see what I've used - anyone got a good one?? )

My goodest friend quilted it for me,, and did a marvelous!! job

Log Cabin and Stars

You have got to check out the quilting... there are so many different items that she put into this. The tan 4-block here has a phoenix, feathers are everywhere, the border has special flowers,,, it's just wonderful! ( OK, here's the place to see her fabulous quilting,, you have to visit her site at English Street Quilter at http://www.quiltifications.blogspot.com/) (( LOL,, I just went there and my quilts are one of her entries on her blog ))

Log Cabin and Stars

see the flowers in the border?? the best part of her quilting is most of the designs are her own! So original!! Now, don't you wish you lived close to me so you have her do your quilts ??!!!

Log Cabin and Stars

Hey! maybe you do!

I've been sitting on my bed sewing the binding. It's so big that I have to have someplace to rest it while I sew. My dogs sure like it!! Webster has claimed it as his own, I think! I think what they really enjoy is Mom sitting on the bed with them! No, they aren't spoiled (GRIN ) !!

A good example go partnership - color, design, piecing and quilting!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Somebody's Looking at ME!

Where's Elmo?

LOL who's that looking at me?

I started cleaning up the sewing room,,, tossing things around, trying to get some organization and you know how that goes! To get organized, you have to make a mess... or at least I do! LOL

Well, I was tired, had a corner just full of JUNK! I was sitting at my computer and kept thinking someone was looking at me... Ghosts?? Fabric Elves ?? I kept looking around and didn't see anything....where's elmo? oops,,, then I caught a glimpse,,, there was an orange nose,,

there were two big eyeballs,,, OH MY !! What is lurking in the pile of stuff in the corner ???

Where's Elmo

who is that peeking at me ??!!!

It's ELMO!!

Here's Elmo!

he is my best buddy - I just love to hold him and squeeze the places that make him laugh!! I know, I'm a silly girl... but I just can't help it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Orange Crush - all laid out

Ok, here it is - my Orange Crush all laid out. I think maybe it needs to be called Tropical Sizzler or something like that..not quite finished It is much brighter than I was thinking,,, I must have had a "DUH" moment with the bright yellow. I sure didn't think it would just jump out like this.

BUT, I think it is fixable with the borders. I really wanted the pink stars to show more than they do and I really like the print ( the blue, pink, yellow, green ) and I will probably pull some of those colors to the border. HHMMM,,, the brain is workin'!

My husband thought I was nuts by my crawling around on the floor butt up in the air putting out the blocks -- he usually isn't around when I do this. OH the comments! ( LOL,,, I think he was having "those" kind of thoughts! LOL ) Silly man.... I had quiltin' to do! hhmmm...

Well, Webster had to check out the quilt, tooWebster had to check it out Wonder what he is thinking??

Borders... I'm thinking the pink of the stars has to be a border and maybe that will pull them out. So, a dark border? a bright border? hhmm something to think about.

But, first I have to sew it together!

I'm open for opinions -- what do you think?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Step 5, Orange Crush

yipee!! Step 5 of the Orange Crush mystery quilt is finished - done - fini- over - and now I can start putting the quilt together. This is a picture of the corner blocks ( at least I think they are supposed to be corner blocks LOL )step 5 I like my colors here,,, the yellow will really jump out. I hope it's not too strong! and here is a picture of ALL three sections of step 5 finishedStep 5 all finished I used purples, greens and blues for the colors, my "orange" is the print of purple/blue/pink/yellow... I sure hope this looks good! with the yellow being my "blue". You know, Bonnie was using the indigos as her accent, well, I decided that my focus - my ORANGE was the print so lets put some BLING into it and pick up the yellow to be the accent! I like it here,,, hhmmm,,, wonder what it is going to look like put together. For 2 cents I would go lay them out -- OH Darn,,, grandson is asleep on the living room floor, my biggest space to lay them out... Hey! I'll get him to help me tomorrow! He can BEND OVER and help his old tired grandma!! By golly, that's an idea!

so, whatchathink???
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