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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Orange Crush Step 2

Whew! I've been busy,,, just wish it had been more time on sewing! Went on a week's cruise which was really nice and realxing,,, but I didn't take my sewing machine -- wish I had! So, anyway, Step 2 is ALMOST done chain piecing for step 2 This is a shot of the pieces being chain sewed. And this is a shot of the top half and bottom half...Step 2 My colors seems to be dark greens and purples. I'm hoping that they tie in really well with my focus fabrics. I didn't have a lot of light scraps so the light triangles are mostly the same fabric,,, that's ok! I sewed too many 2 inch strips together, you know, in step 1, the light and dark strips, so I might have to take some of those apart to get my strips for more of the steps ( assuming that we need them,, huh huh huh ??? ))
I'm thinking that now that Dancing with the Stars ( our FAV show! ) is over for the week, I can get these blocks together and get step 3 done by this weekend - LOL skip-e-de-doo-dah! see me do the happy dance? ( I need a pictures of the dancing baby here LOL! )

Ok, got to go to bed,,, 6am comes really early!

tata for now!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Orange Crush - Step 1

Well, I have been trying to get this step done all week,,, cut strips, sewed strips, pressed trips, then cut 2 inch pieces from the strips....boy! I went overboard on the strips and cutting and sewing pairs of strips and all that,,, I have a ton left over! I was overworking! Guess that means that there is another quilt in the making!half of a 4 patch These are 4-patch halves,,, yep cut a bunch of them! Actually it wasn't bad,, I just used my strip cutter, whatever that ruler is called that has the slits in it every 1/2 inch,,, it was just wonderful for this! -- that's it, the June Taylor Shape Cut... You can cut a bunch at one time, so this was the easiest partmore! half of the 4-patch... so now I gotta sew them together. I dumped them in a bag and SHOOK them all up, then SHOOK them some more.. I just wanted to get them all seperated so that when I reached in I would get variety.

Well, here they are, all sewn together.four patches! they haven't been pressed yet and are still all chained together, but, by golly! they are together!!

Yipee! Step 1 is done! ( well more or less ! ). I'll press them out tomorrow and square them up so they are nice a neat. I'm not such a neat-nik that I'm going to do the swirly-thingy with the intersection of the seams, I'll just make sure my iron is good and hot and PRESS REAL HARD!! (( that should work those muscles that build up the boobies, too, I think! ))
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