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Use it UP! Stash Count 2012

Ok, I wanted to start 2012 by buying NO fabric, absolutely none, zip, da nada, zero.
Well, that did not work.  My LQS was having a great sale this weekend and my other LQS by my retreat house had a great sale LAST weekend.

But that's it.

Not buying anymore.

IF there is something I need, then maybe I can figure out a swap with someone.

So I'm going to keep track as best I can of what I use.  A lot of the quilts I want to make are scrappy and it's hard to keep track of the yardage used on those ( I think ) but I'll do my best.

so this starts my count  --- please wish me luck!

Bought January 15 - 25.5 yards                                  I'm already in the hole!

-25.5 yards
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