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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Evening and I'm Tired

It's been a busy day - first I got up early and went to out Super WalMart -- well you know it takes for e-v-e-r to get thru one of those.... and of COURSe I had to buy stuff other than food ( like a new sweatshirt, new sweat pants, OH and I found a pair of Tinkerbell flannel pj bottoms on sale! -- had to get those of course)

well,,, a lot of money and 2-1/2 hours later, I had all the stuff my kitchen will hold and all the food I need for our family Thanksgiving tomorrow. Part of my family won't be in town on Thursday, so we are doing this early. I got the good deal,,, I cook and we all meet at my son's house! ( do you hear the laugh and giggle coming from me??? I would much rather cook and take to his house than cook AND clean mine!! wwhhhhaaaaa !!)

so,,, one pumpkin cheesecake and a triple batch of manicotti later,,, oh, and a green salad,,, I'm tired!!!

So, thought I would browse the net and some blogs and just wanted to share what I found - no they aren't quilty at all,,, but oh so delicious!!

First, for a good laugh go here http://despair.com/viewall.html
read all the posters and things,,, my sides hurt from laughing...

Then, when you are done there,,, don't forget The Pioneer Woman! WWHHOOAAA !! she has a video of The Marlboro Man !! go here http://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions/ it should be the one for November 21.

Ok, I'm done,,, enjoy!

Friday, November 21, 2008


I went to bee last nite and took the table topper, fusible stuff that I had traced the pattern pieces onto, the fabric I wanted to use for the holly and berries, my iron and an ironing pad. It is so relaxing to sit with good friends and work on simple things, like ironing the fusible to the fabric back... mindless work is good for the soul - but chatting with good friends is better! gee, wish there had been some wine to go with it!

Betsy helped me cut out the shapes then I started placing them. I got one side ironed on last nite and just finished up the other three sides. LOOKEY LOOKEY!!


Well, it's coming along. I'm thinking satin stitch the berries in red and the leaves in green - nice shiney glittery red and green. Then I can put the border on it,,,,

but that will have to wait until tomorrow,,,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Table Toppers

Last year at the Houston Quilt Show, I bought a book from Kim Schaefer ( yep, she even signed it ) called
A COZY QUILTED CHRISTMAS.. A Cozy Quilted Christmas ,,, I have been looking at the quilts and toppers in this book for a year! I thought it was about time to make something - they look really fast and easy to do. And besides, I need something on my new dining table that will -- maybe -- keep all the stuff that seems to collect on tables from collecting.. maybe.

So last nite I cut all the 4-1/2 in blocks in tans, all the 4-1/2 inch blocks in greens and the 2-1/2 in blocks in greens for the border. Like I said,, the designs/patterns are really easy. I had a good time sorting thru all my Christmas and non-Christmas fabrics! ( and I've been collecting Christmas fabrics - boy! have I been collecting! because you know, they just are not going to make any more of this stuff, so I have to have some JUST IN CASE they stop making it, and it's on sale and it's pretty and they just might not have any more !!)

so this is what I got together last night....

Holly Berry Table Topper

I'm not sure I like it,,, the dark golds seem to jump at me and that ONE darn square in the greens melts into the tans. The green 2-1/2 inch border isn't on yet so that might help a little and... I don't have the holly on it yet. OH YES,,, there are holly leaves and berries that go around the the tan part... this is my -- do you hear the drum roll (grin) ADVENTURES IN MACHINE APPLIQUE..
The holly leaves are pretty big, the berries are pretty good size so - I figure I CAN DO THIS!!! ( Do you hear my Tarzan yell! ) I think there about 36 leaves, 24 berries - a LOT of practice! I have them traced on the fusible web, got my stabilizer out,...

Oh fun! I get to pick some more fabrics !!

Till later,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Precious LIttle Princess Quilt

The Amazing Granma has been very very busy! The quilt for the Most Beautiful Granddaughter is finished, too! WHEW! Two Quilts Done!!

Here is the frontPrecious Little Princess Quilt and this is the backPreciious LIttle Princess Back ( thank you dear husband for holding them up! ) I'm happy with how this came out, too! And the quilting is all swirley hearts... my bestest buddy did the quilting for me and it really goes with the PRECIOUS LITTLE PRINCESS .. all pinks and flowers and hearts... oh so Girly-Girl!

My friend who did the quilting has this quilt posted on her web site ( http://www.quiltifications.blogspot.com/ see November 5 post ) and it got picked up and posted on this site http://vickiwelsh.typepad.com/field_trips_in_fiber/page/2/ .... Vicki 'trips' thru the web and finds some cool things to see. Look for "PRECIOUS LITTLE PRINCESS'

It feels good to be noticed!

Well, the Most Amazing Granma is going to work on some of her own stuff now! HHMM,, what projects need finishing,, or ---- do I want to start something new??

Decisions, decisions, decisions,,, LOL ( in a maniacal laugh ) !

The Amazing Turtle Quilt _ FINISHED

It's done! The Amazine Turtle Quilt is finished!! well,,, aahhmm,,, I do have to make the label...

Here is the front....

Turtle Quilt Finished and here is the backTurgle Quilt Finished Back I like how it turned out and I love the quilting! Big loops and it loops around to each turtle head and give them eyes....

I already showed it to the Amazing Grandson and he says he really likes it. I could not let him have it yet until there is a label on it.

So, finally, FINI !

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