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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Blocks in Brown and Teal

Is anyone else having trouble getting to the sewing machine lately? Please! tell me it's not just me... ! Maybe it's the heat, maybe I'm just not feeling inspired, maybe I found a good book to read... who knows, but I'm not moving very fast on the Random Blocks quilt that my friend tirane has enticed me into making with her.

But! I have one block finished! DSC02526
I really really wish the colors looked better.
I don't have all the seperate blocks sewed to each other because I thought I might switch things around when I have more made -- make the 'random' part more planned,, (( grin ))
And, instead of making it 30 inch blocks in a 3x3 layout, I'm doing 25 inch blocks in a 4x4 layout so I can get the size I need to fit the queen bed ( I want drape on the sides and end ).

Slowly,,, ever so slowly,,, but I'll get it done!
( i don't like the top block in the left corner and I'm hoping that more blocks will offset the dark brown that just seems to jump out at me)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello! My name is Beth,,,,, and I'm a SLACKER!!

I haven't done a darn thing all week! I come home, do dinner,clean the kitchen then sit on my tush in front of the tv or read.. I'm a slacker.

My bit push by my friend tirane fizzled out.... I spent I don't know how many hours trying to figure out just how many strips of each color I need for the random block quilt she is FORCING me to make... just to decide The Heck With IT!!! I'm just going to cut strips and put blocks together,,, it will be REALLY random! Not planned random, but R-A-N-D-O-M... ((grin ))

wonder how that is going to work??

well, I won't know for a few days. We are going to Branson MO to see the sights. I'm not a big fan of Branson,, (been there a couple of times, have a couple of t-shirts) but my husband likes it and my MIL is going, too, so she can see an old friend of hers. This may be the last time she gets to travel like this ( she's a hoot! 80 years old and still getting around ) cause you just .. never.. know. So, wonderful wife and daughter-in-law that I am I'm going.
Hey! I'm off work, won't have to cook or clean and get to go shopping, too! Not that there is a thing I need ( giggles and grins ) but you just never know what I might WANT!

I know there is a big quilt store in Branson, right on the main drag and I'm sure I'm going to have to stop and check it out... not that I NEED anything ( LOL ) but I just might WANT something!

Ya'll have a good week... maybe I'll come back all rested and ready to get those darn blocks done!

(( tirane told me she already has 3 of hers done! ))

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I don't know where time flies to but it sure has passed me by. I noticed that it has been about 2-3 weeks since I posted anything.. geez! You would think I haven't been doing anything but lazing around, eating bon-bons and watching red-eye movies with a box of kleenex in my hand. You would be right!! ( yea, I wish... )

Actually, I have been busy busy busy trying to get the Judy Neimeier quilt I started about 2 years ago finished... it will be just beautiful when finally done, and I'm on the very last set of paper pieced sections.

ANYWAY -- do you have friends that entice you into doing things that you JUST DON"T NEED TO BE DOING !!?? Well, my friend tirane,, (very bad girl ) sent me an email with an idea for a quilt and DANG if I didn't jump in with both feet and say " I want to play too!!" ( silly me, why do I do things like this!! I have too many unfinished things now! (( can you hear me whine ?! )) ... do you also see the big grin, just like the cheshire cat )

Check out her blog,,, it shows you what she is doing and she also put up the fabrics that I have planned on using . Hers are all in blacks, very striking! Mine are more... I don't know,,, beiges and teals,,,random blocks fabrics the aqua is the zinger. and this is the focus fabricfocus fabric

it is so rich looking in person,,, the stripe in the grouping above is a companion piece for the line.

and this is my idea of the quilt Looks just like tirane's
( surprise surprise ) but different colors. it should finish out at 90 x 90..
thought about making smaller blocks ( these are 30 inch total ) and putting in more and making it 100 x 100.. that should fit the bed for sure!

I bet she has already cut her fabric and made the blocks - she is a sewing demon!

But, I'm going to lunch...


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