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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiltalong - Half Square Triangles

OOHHHH I just L O V E these things ( NOT! ) but I used the Triangulations CD and it was really so much easier. I could do 12 at a time, using the grid that I printed out, and it went pretty fast. Then I sat and finger pressed ( or thumb pressed ) last nite while I was watching "HEROS" on television. I think it is going to be a really fun springy quilt! Guess I should say that these are for Judy Laquidara's Quiltalong - Bears in the Farmhouse.

DSC02290 Here they are,,, all 192 of them!

Ok Judy,, bring on the next step!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well, I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to during the Quiltathon but I'm ahead of where I was! I got my Double Delight blocks sewn into rows and I got my HST allmost finished for the Bears in the Farmhouse Quilt Along with Judy Laquidara. Almost means I just have to press them open!! I can do that when I'm watching TV tomorrow nite.

DH made me go to lunch then we HAD to drive around looking at houses for sale ( he wants a new house, I like the one we own !!) LOL I finally had to tell him I had to go to the ladies room so we could come home !! (( big grins )) Thankfully he didn't offer to stop at a McDonalds or a gas station!! I didn't have to go, I just wanted to come home!

So how did you do? Did you accomplish all you wanted to?

Quilter's Poem

I took a slight detour to my email and this was in one of my group postings. Wanted to share, cause it is SO appropriate!

I'm but a Quilter,
A user of needle and thread;
I create designs of color,
To lay upon your bed.

I know of strips and borders,
Of angles, points, and stars;
Although I make no money,
It keeps me out of bars!

I spend my husband's money,
On fabric and supplies;
He once thought it was funny,
But now he only cries.

My stash it just keeps growing,
All the colors I must own;
My credit card I'm owing,
I think I need a loan!

My quilts and table runners,
Wall hangings and the rest;
Are stored in all the closets,
So they always look their best.
I bring them out for show and tell,
Then put them back just so;

I would like to keep this going,
But shopping I must go!
For I'm just a quilter,
And hooked I will always be;
As I just live for fabric,
And fabric lives for me!

Shared by Kay OylerWritten by her husband Roger


I'm up,, sadly at 7am. Silly doggie thought it was time to eat and just wouldn't leave me alone. Ah well,, what do they do, eat, sleep, bark, poop,,, and start it all over again (grin )!

My HST are all sewen, I need to cut them apart and press. Think I'll leave that for tonite when the Oscars are on ( are you going to watch?). Started sewing the rows of my Double Delight, they are coming together great!

My MIL lives in a retirement home about 10 minutes away and we usually do lunch on Sunday,, so guess what I HAVE to go do.... I don't usually mind but I am so into getting this top done that I don't want to go!! DON'T MAKE ME, PLEASE !! (( I felt like the kid that had to go to the doctor and threw herself on the floor, grabbed the door frame and screamed NO! )) I said something about wanting to get sewing done and he responded " Well, it would look bad if you don't go">> oohh,,, I'm going to remember that!! LOL filing it away for when I NEEED it!!

Back to blocks and rows!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

UPDATE - Quiltathon

I got all my errands done and home from WallyWorld about 2pm,, geez, I just hate it when I go to the store, buy a trunk full of groceries, and no one is home to bring them in... he should be home!
By the time I got them unloaded and put away it was about 3,,, so my Quiltathon starts!! He is still gone (( see me do the happy dance! )). I got all my Double Delight blocks pressed, squared and layed out - I think I'm going to like this!


Webster, of course, has to be in the middle of it,,, " what's ya doin' Mom, huh huh huh ?" in my best doggie voice. (( grin )) Remember the border is a really pretty apple fabric,,, so my green and reds will work well.

I also got my HST papers printed out, for the Quilt Along quilt with Judy Laquidara. I used the CD-ROM from Brenda Henning where you can pick the finished size you need and print them out. I have the original one she came out with ... and have used it several times. SO EASY !! I printed a grid of 2 inch finished squares and cut my background and main fabric pieces and just sew on the lines. I will probably, maybe, have these finished tonite. Then all I will have to do is cut them apart -- sure beats sewing them one at a time!

Ok, had a break, got a new cuppa tea,,, I'm ready to go some more!

Quiltathon with Judy

Go pop in here http://www.patchworktimes.com/category/quiltathon/ and see about the Quiltathon! I'm going to play along and see just what I can get finished. I have had plans to stay in pajamas this weekend and sew but -- ICK -- we ran out of milk, so, guess I'm just going to have to go to the grocery store ( WallyWorld ),, that's a BIG ICK!!
I want to get done
HST for the Quilt Along
Double Delight blocks ( they are all sewed together ) layed out and together

we will start with this!

want to play, too??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Quilt Along

Call me nuts but I'm starting another quilt. No, I haven't finished the Double Delight yet, but I saw on Judy Laquidara's site her pattern for the Quilt Along and I decided to play. I am going to have to be butt in the air and elbows on the table (( eee gads! what a horrible picture that brings to mind !! sorry! )) to get all these done!

These are the fabrics I picked out DSC02276
And,,, I should say ,,, they are ALL from my stash!! I didn't go buy anything!! The borders are the stripe, the bear paws blocks are the bug patterns and the 'toenails' I guess you could call them are the other colors. The blue plaid will be inner borders and the yellow is the sashing. There is also a white that will be the background. Judy is using a stripe in her border and blocks and I started that way... picked out several fabrics and a nice stripe. Then rummaging in the stash I found this stripe and it was just singing "" S P R I N G"" (( remember Joann Worley in Laugh-in? now say the word SPRING as she would have sung it... S P R I N G !!! ))) yes I'm old,, old enough to remember Laugh-IN!! Great Show!

Looks like I need to do a little pressing on the fabrics! I think it will be a fun quilt. Check out the site, you might want to 'quilt along' too!

hhmmm as an after thought,,, I was looking at this picture, and you know, the stripe could be the blocks and the bug fabric COULD be the border... hhmmm..

I'll think about that tomorrow ( In my best Scarlett voice )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've been working working working on all these little blocks ( 3.5 inches! ) and I might be finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - HOORAH!
I have all the square in a square done,,
I have all the strips sewed and cut into 1-1/2 pieces for the 9 patches
I have the inner 9-patch blocks done and trimmed and pressed

and there still seems like a lot more to do -- please play the violins for me, you know the sad songs? On the good side,,, I got to go spend time this weekend with The Amazing Grandson and The Most Precious Granddaughter. They always rejuvinate me. Amazing Grandson told me I was his favorite granma! I told him it was because I was the granma sitting next to him and he said
"Oh NO Granma - You ARE my favorite and I love you very very much!"

Now, doesn't that just make you want to tear up and give him a big ol hug??!!

Ok, I wiped my eyes and blew my nose -- back to the quilts

My friend tirane and I have been doing this quilt together. Same basic design but we both put our own touches to it, our own colors.
She is a much faster sewer than I am so ((( aarrrggghhh -- that bad 4-letter word W-O-R-K gets in my way ))) she is putting her borders on!!!
Check out what she did at http://quiltifications.blogspot.com/2009/02/at-long-last.html

Maybe when I'm done we can post both of the quilts together -- kinda cool to see what two friends do together!


I think I have been really really good!
I have purchased no fabric this week,,, and what I have used has all been from my stash. I have been working on the Bonnie Hunter Double Delight, keeping track of the yardage I use, so when I get everything all cut, I'll post that as my usage.

See me pat myself on my back (( OH,, don't stretch the arm so much! ))

Fabric added this week - ZERO
Fabric added year to date - ZERO
Fabric used the week - Zero
Fabric used Year to Date - can't remember ( grin ) but it's posted on a little place on the left hand side of the page

How are you doing with your stashbusting?

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