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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How did YOU spend Black Friday??

It's wasn't Black Friday at my house - I'm in the RED!

Thank goodness I'm off tomorrow cause I need a day of do-nothing but what I want to do - phew! Thursday I cooked my 3rd ( yes, third! we had to have seperate meals to accommodate everyone cause sons had to go to inlaws, and brothers had to go to inlaws) Thanksgiving meal, entertained in-laws, outlaws, and others.

But Friday, oh my!

So who else hit the Joann's sales?? I have always said that there is nothing I need bad enough to get up at an unholy hour and go shopping, so why was I at Joann's at 645?? just to get some of that flannel that was on sale ( like I needed it, yeah, right.). Of course, silly me, I thought that the 20% off EVERYTHING coupon meant 20% off E-V-E-R-Y-thing... but oh no! not the flannel. It was a special sale doorbuster. Did you get caught thinking that it was, too?

But still, how can you complain about $1.29 flannel?? tirane asked me to get her some baby flannels ( she's going to be a new grandmom!) and since I was going anyway I said SURE!. BUT, a good friend, a superb friend, would have gotten herself up and out and met me there - ( dig dig poke poke - see my big grin! )
I will complement the staff at my Joann's, they kept the cutting table moving so I was in and out in about an hour - not bad for 56 ( OMG! 56 yards! ) of flannels. I want to use them for kids quilts for the backs. tirane got about 15 yards of this ( whew! I feel SOOO much better )

BUT - that's not all -- are you ready!

THEN I went to my favorite discount fabric store - I met tirane there ( it was 10am, LOL, she was awake ). They were having a 25% discount on everything, ( this time it really was EVERYTHING) so I left there with ANOTHER 50 yards of fabric - all mine! Yipes, Cripes!! Done, no more fabric buying for me!
( jus tto make myself feel better, some of this was only $1.75/yard and it is all name brand cottons )

My name is Beth and I am a Fabriholic. Hello, Beth.

The Flannels DSC00124_edited-1
The Cottons


It took two shots to give the full effect! DSC00126_edited-1

DSC00127This one is my favorite - I know just how I'm going to use this, too. The top will be solids of these colors in a rectangle in a rectangle block and then this will be the outer border. Yep, retro back to the 50's ( at least I think it's the 50's )

My name is Beth and I am a Fabriholic
Need I say anything more?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm so full!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family! I'm tired ( cooked three seperate dinners this week!) I'm over full,not just full but O.V.E.R. FULL!

I think I'm going to hit Joann's tomorrow and see if there is any of that flannel left that is on sale then go to my local fabric discounter who is having a sale ( fabric warehouse and a sale -- uh-oh! I see trouble! ).

but I'm NOT cooking!

anyway, my oldest friend sent me this youtube video -- seems appropriate for tomorrow and the start of the season -- enjoy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FOLLOW ME - Quiltmaker BLog Tour is ON!

I'm back from Houston where I had a fantastic time - and now the Quiltmaker Blog Tour is going on! Grab a cup of something you love ( Mocha Latte! YUUMM! ) and read on, my friends..

I'm hoping to win a free magazine! But if that doesn't happen, I'm a winner cause of all the cool things I've found on these web sites... life is good!

( I've got to get it together to tell you about Houston! OH MY! )
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