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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Keeping Up! - Just Takes Two

The last block in the January 15 blocks --  I printed it out and paper pieced it - it was a lot easier!  don't laugh at my leaning wall, or the checks that aren't strait HEY, my house isn't "straight" either !

But I'm giving myself big pats on the back for keeping up!

Now I can start on the "OH My Stars" quilt along by Thought and Found.
doing the happy dance  :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I really did DO something today - really!


A new block for the Just Takes Two Challenge and the other one I redid as paper piecing - much better 1/4 inch on the points.

The fan kicked me.  No fun.

This was all I did. I'll admit it.

Back to work tomorrow - because after all Tomorrow is another day! {did you catch the Gone With The Wind reference?} grins

Weekend Vegetation

aaahh, the weekend, brings a big smile to my face. No fuss, No Stress, I don't have to be at work ( not that I don't like work, but it's nice not to have to go, if you get my idea )

I vegetated - in front of the computer.  I'm a big computer cauliflower, not a potato cause those are fattening but a cauliflower.  Puffy white with green leaves ( oops, one in the fridge that needs to be steamed for dinner - I forgot all about it ).

But OH! I love my laptop and the internet.  I get to go places and see all the things that people do, that because I'm sitting with the laptop on my lap, I'm not doing, How can hours just slip by!  I look up and three hours has gone past in just the blink, or click, of the eye/mouse --  geez -   I get nothing done.  A Big Computer Cauliflower. 

HOWEVER - all is not lost. I really did get something done yesterday - three ( yep 3! ) blocks of the Just Take Two project.  The homespun is tougher to work with than I bargined for - it stretches something awful {big frown } My seam lines don't always stay straight and my points on some of the squares are going to be gone when I sew them together.  See if you can pick out which block I'm going to do again?  I have a couple more to go on this round of blocks but I'm keeping up! 

happy dance going on here

JTT - blocks 7-9

So now it's Sunday morning -  LOL - and guess what I'm doing !!?? 

Did you ever have cinnamon toast made with butter and cinnamon sugar put in a broiler until the sugar bubbles and the cinnamon smell goes all through the house?  My mom used to make that for us when I was a kid and I made it for my kids and I was so hungry for some this morning --  ( dang! I should have taken a picture of it before I ate it! aahh  I COULD make more ) So I had my cuppa tea, my wonderfully warm cinnamon toast and my ticket to the world in my lap - a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning

and this guy staring at me

Please Mom, can I have more?

( he got some crust )

Enjoy your day!

  I will get something accomplished, I will get something accomplished, I will get something accomplished.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Takes Two Challenge - January part 1

I might have said in an earlier post that I'm going to try to keep up with the Just Takes Two challenge ( the word is TRY cause I'm not always good at keeping up! ).  This is where you follow along with blocks from Sentimental Stitches and Dear Jane - twice a month ( YIKES! ).
For January Part 1 --  yipee, I got all six done!

Just Takes Two - Blocks 1-3 January 2012
These are blocks 1-3, I'm working with homespun ( might not have been the best choice ) in white and navy checked.  I got a bolt of each when a store - might have been Hobby Lobby - was going out of business/moving.  The tag said $1.00/yd.  How could I pass that up!!
Just Takes Two - Blocks 4-6 January 2012  and these are blocks 4-6.  the small ones are 6-1/2", and of course the large one is 12-1/2".  I have to use LOTS of starch to keep the homespun from stretching ( didn't always work) but I like the look of the blue check and white.

There is a new group coming out today --  I better get busy! 
Better yet - why don't you come play with me!  Here is the website http://justtakes2.com/

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 New FO Challenge - January

I had joined the 2012 New FO Challenge cause it's different than the challenges to finish projects.  I want to do NEW stuff! not the old stuff.  If I like the old stuff I would have finished it, right? Right!

So this is my project for January - I picked #7, the Spa Quads quilt.

TA-DA !!


I did this at retreat from a pack of fat quarters that I found for a reeelllyy good price ( Westminster fabrics ) - couldn't pass them up even though I wasn't all that crazy about the pastels. (I don't do pastels well, they are kind of boring to me ) 
Ok, I admit, I'm not super crazy about the quilt but it was easy to do and fun.  I'm hoping that some really good quilting will make me like it better. 
if it doesn't, then some lucky person will get this one cause I'll put it with my other donation quilts.  Quilts are hugs and everyone needs a hug.

So, my January challenge is met!

First Retreat of 2012

This past weekend was my bee's first retreat of 2012.  Lots of fun, lots of creativity, and lots of escaping from whatever we were escaping from!  It was nice to be with friends, to just to be able to sew.  Love my family, but boy I like to sew, too!  Here is a preview of what we did -- yep, pretty creative folks I get the privledge to hang around with :) makes me happy

The big star to the right is a quilt that one of our ladies teaches classes on - Judy Neimeyer patterns.  Isn't it beautiful!
ok, this is one that I made.  I'm not sure I really like it - I don't usually work with pastels so I'm way out of my element here.  I found the pattern on line and wanted to try it.  Found a great deal on the pack of fat quarters so,, why not try one with the other.  Maybe it just needs some good quilting for me to like it better.

DSC01271_edited-1  This is one for Susan's lake house.  The orange batik is absolutely gorgeous! and with the blue batik it really makes you think of sunrise on the lake and catching lots of fish!

DSC01272hhmmm...  I think they are trying to decide what border to use.  If you can see the fabric, the blocks are coffee cups - this fabric I have to get!

DSC01273 I tried to get a shot of the wonderful french toast breakfast with bacon and juice and all the fixings but, oops!  I was too late


Check out the bird houses!  I think a Mckenna Ryan pattern group, each little color is a seperate piece of fabric --  so pretty!  lots of patience at work here :)
 and I love these batik stripes!!  I have to make one of these - I just might have to cut some of those batiks that I just keep looking at and not using.
It would also be a good pattern for some of those Halloween or Christmas fabrics that I have and ready to use up.  It was super quick - she did this in about 4 or 5 hours!

DSC01278_edited-1  isn't this just great?  so sweet.  Some lucky new mom and baby is getting this one.  and works so well with the rainbow border fabric.

DSC01280 ok,  one of the ladies joined a fiber artist group and this was their first project.  Everyone got a square of the fuzzy stuff and was told to Do something with the square of fuzzy stuff.  She said it was very liberating to be "out of the box".  Buttons, cording, yarn, --  might be fun to get a group together to do that.

I need out of the box.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh My Goodness - Get a Little Inspiration!

a friend sent this to me - you will be so amazed!

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