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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I hear the sounds of FOOTBALL - does that mean that summer is over???

Uh-OH! I hear the sounds of football! The sound of Hank Williams, Jr. saying very loudly "Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL!" is coming from the living room ( from the new big, 46" flat screen with the most bee-utifull picture ). But it's Saturday nite! How can it be FOOTBAll??

I usually spend my Sundays ( That is SUNday, not SATURday!) listening to my dear, darling husband become the creature from the black lagoon - snarling, pounding, cursing ( where does he ever get those combinations??! ) and if they LOOSE! OH MY Please don't loose! Cause then he just doesn't even speak! (lol, that's not really so bad )

Football has arrived at my house. Officially.

and it's time for me to get back to the sewing, to start posting again on my blog. To use up some fabric! I think it has multiplied, just like rabbits,, it just keeps making babies...

I have been to a couple of retreats over the last couple of months - I just love retreats! It is so great to spend time with friends, to get in a bunch of girl talk and to share a common interest with everyone. And Boy! do we ever solve the world's problems - the President just needs to call us :) We can tell him how to make the problem go away!

I make this quilt top at a retreat,, found the pattern on the Moda Bakeshop web site - so simple and easy,, just pick out a whole bunch of fabrics and cut strips.. the picture looks like my strips are waving, but they really aren't. The display board had felt and the top was sticking to it. I like how it came out. I'll get a white for the back, not sure what I will bind it in,, white would make the strips of fabric stand out, wouldn't it... or maybe sew all the colors together and use that for binding - like a rainbow... What do you think?


I have more pictures from the other retreat but I'll post those tomorrow. Now I want to go see what I've been missing on your blogs!

It's good to be back,, thank you to those of you who asked about me - I can't tell you how much that means to me...

Football,, oh well,, it could be worse!

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