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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help!! I Need....

Would you sew in this room?
From Blogger Pictures
A fabric Fairy that will put all this stuff away. No, I haven't really lost my mind, and I don't try to sew in this mess. But..... here's my story (and I'm sticking to it )
I wanted new shelves in my closet where I try to keep my fabric ( operative word is TRY ) - new shelves so that I could get more fabric in the closet, clean up the room, make more space, blah blah blah. So I hunted down some new shelves that I hoped would work better than what I have, bought them and this past long weekend, I decided that I HAD to get this project done. I want a clean, neat, sewing room.
Well, long story short, the shelves I bought are not going to work, so I'm going to use the ones that I have already, but rearrange and clean up and throw out and see just what is lurking in those corners.

I found fabric that I had forgotten all about. I found fabric that I can't remember buying. I found fabric that I don't know WHY I bought it. I found stuff that I bought at the Houston quilt show a few years ago and is still in the package.  guess I really didn't need it afterall.
Scraps - OMG! I see two dozen scrap quilts in the making. I have 1/4 yards, 1/3 yards, pieces, there is so much of this stuff that I have to use it up before I can do anything else.
CHRISTMAS fabric - OMG again! and some of it is really ugly. This may be donated to a guild or something. Thee are only so many Christmas quilts that one person can make, right?
FLANNELS - I remember when I bought this, but not why. JOann's was having that great and fabulous flannel sale when they were selling it for $1.29 a yard so I thought it would make great backs for kids quilts. OR, they might make some fun rag quilts... hhmmm...
Ok, I've showed off the "room in progress" - if the fabric Fairy is hiding at your house, would you send her my way, Please?

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