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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday equals Hookey Day

I feel like I played Hookey from work,,, I've a whole lot of guilt cause I didn't go. Is that the midwest "You have to go to work!" syndrome??? I like playing hookey ( makes me feel sorta sinful LOL ) but I don't like the guilt -- golly, I'm too old to be guilty...

So, my hookey day... hhmmm,,, what did I do? I don't think I accomplished a whole lot, it was a lazy day. I didn't sleep late, got up at my usual 6am and didn't go back to sleep - now that isn't saying that I got UP or that I got Dressed or that I was Functional! NoSireeBob! Not ME! I probably crawled out from the covers about 730 and crawled to the computer. God, I'm addicted to the computer and eamils, and groups, and blogs, and surfing, and GEESH!!! just a lot of nothing!
So I did this for a couple of hours, while I drank tea and ate oatmeal YUUMMM...

Went back to the surgeon for my week after surgery checkup. I have been having some pains in my chest- just like the gallbladder attacks, but my GB isn't there anymore! So what the heck are these pains???
2-13 Pre-Party @ Mikes - Dirty 80s Doctors Surgeon says "Well, ma'am, you are doing quite well and healed just nicely. I have absolutely no idea what these pains are,,, just take it easy and give it some more time".... gee, thanks Doc! I Wanted some DRUGS!!! Give me PILLS to make the pains go away!!! "Well, " he says,,, "take Advil".... geez DOC,,, that's not the kind of DRUGS I Wanted!!! So I bought Advil. But funny, I haven't hurt all day today! Do you THINK it might have something to do with WORK??? If I only hurt at work ( OH! I did forget to say that I came home yesterday at noon cause my chest hurt so bad... the only relief I got was from putting a micro-heat thing on it all afternoon and evening,,, then the pain west away )

Well,,, I didn't get any drugs,,, pooh,,,, hope this doesn't hurt tomorrow!

So, after the 10 minute doctor visit, I went to the post office to send my round robin to Rae in Sweden who is my mail-to lady... this is the block I made for Stevie Quilt Mavens Seasonal Tree Round Robin and this is the block I made for AnnQuilt Mavens Seasonal Tree Round Robin They sent the fabric they wanted their 'tree' made out of and the "sewer" does the rest. Four seasons, four in a group. I can't wait to see mine!

Ok, doctor done, post office done,,,, and it's only 1215! So, I don't, DO NOT, definitely do NOT need any fabric so Hancock's is out, the LQS is a bad thing,,, well, lets see what the thrift store has... Bonnie at Quiltville is always talking about taking mens shirts and cutting them up for scraps and ( do you see the light bulb going off! ) since I'm going to do the Orange Crush mystery quilt with the group,,,, GEE, wonder if there are any men's shirts that I could get cheap and cut up???

GEEZ! Thrift store, shitz store!! They wanted $5.19 for SHIRT!!! and I have to cut it up and throw some of it away. Yes, I know, I can buy the BIG mens size and get alot of material, but I still have to do alot of work to it... so I don't call it a deal... not at that price! Now, if it was a dollar,,,, I just might go for it..... hhhmmm,,,,, garage sales?

LOL I can see my DH now! I go to garage sales and come wagging in a bunch of men's dirty old shirts.... LOL!!!

Ok, nothing at the thrift store, so I have to get a prescription refilled, so I go to the drug store and WHOA -- BACK UP MAMA!!! EASTER candy is 1/2 price!! and they had a ton of it!! Just what I SO do not need.... but bought anyway! LOL... not a lot and I can save it ( sure! )...

So Candy in hand, I go across the street to the grocery and drop off DH prescription so he can pick it up on the way home and I get Chinese Take-out.... just want to see how FIXED I am!!

Yummy,,, lo mein,,, I've had better so I probably won't go back but it was good anyway.

I'd say a pretty good half a day!

Mail came in and with it three movies from Netflix,,, so The Jane Austin Book Club was what I curled up in bed with,,, aaahhh,,, maybe I should read these? It was most definately a chick flick and not all that good,, but it did get my interest in the books - for a later time! LOL

OK,,, I have to get some sewing in! Guess that is for this evening,,, finish the sashing on my pink,black and white blocks so I can get that done.

DH is on his way home,,, luckily no dinner to make - he said he wasn't hungry ( yipee! ) so guess its sewing and tv for me tonite!

Oh, last week work sent me a real pretty getwell basket,,, here are some pictures of the flowers ( tulips, daisies I think, and something else dsc01185 dsc01194 dsc01195
dsc01201 I just love the macro on my camera!!


I'm sitting in front of my computer hopelessly lost in laughter !!! I came across this most hilarious blog.... ya'll have just got to check it out!! It's called CINZIA and here is the address...


It is not only humorous, but it also has postings that are very insightful and challenge our minds, too...
I don't need to say more,,, you just need to click on the address... this blog speaks for itself.

check it out,,,, I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quiltville Mystery - Orange Crush

LOL yes, this is the last post of the evening! Promise!

I'm going to do the Quiltville mystery - yep, I really am. The last one, Carolina Crossroads was on my "to do" list, and I did pull from the scraps and stash to do it,,, but that was as far as I got.

I'm going to do this one!

Pulled some fabrics - started with all these all the fabrics I pulled and then narrowed it down to these for the focus fabricsFocus solids Yep, there are supposed to be 3 focus fabrics, so I will probably use one of them as the border. OR ,,, I just had a brain blitz,,, how about if I use the hot pink, the blue/purple mottled and the bright blue as the focus??? Maybe save the other two to use as an innter border or two???
The rest of the fabrics will be cut for the stips to be scrappy...
Elmo still isn't sureElmo is still looking at fabric and this is not the best picture of the fabrics, they are much brighter... Can you believe I started out with a purple floral? How did I ever get to these???

I'm thinking there is enough contrast between the focus fabrics,,, and that with the accent colors they will make a nice scrappy look but tie it all together...

hhmmm,,, jury is still out. I'll sleep on it!

Thanks to all the well wishers

just a quick THANKS to everyone who wished me speedy recovery,,, I'm feeling pretty good, still a little sore at the incisions but overall, doing well. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday and I'm sure that he will release me.

I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to going back to work on Monday -- AARRRGGGHHH!!! Wonder what else I can have repaired! LOL Although I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, the rest was wonderful!!!

Dallas Quilt Show

just thought I would give ya'll the link to all the pictures I took at the Dallas Quilt show this year,,, there were some beautiful quilts, some fun quilts, some that started looking all the same. I was interested in the quilting that was done on them,, maybe cause I have a bunch that will need to be quilted... and the quilting is a major part of the quilt, right?

anyway,,, browse away,, maybe set up a slideshow or whatever...


Thursday, March 20, 2008


Had gallbladder surgery on Tuesday - planned the surgery so it was no emergency. I figured it was better to just go and have it taken out on MY schedule than wait for another episode of excruciating pain ( sorta like I imagine a heart attack to feel ). I was so tired of 'angry belly' and not being to able to eat what I wanted - so out it came on Tuesday morning!

I have been home recuperating,,, my husband and MIL was with me on Tuesday and my MIL was here yesterday but TODAY I was gloriously all alone! I just loved it! sounds bad doesn't it, but sometimes just being all alone is the best feeling there is.

I read
I slept
I sewed a little
I surfed the web
I slept
I watched TV

OH - it's just wonderful!!

AND I get to do this again tomorrow!

I did find this great blog while I was surfing around and a pattern for a SCHLEP BAG that I am going to have to make! Go see this blog...http://sentimentalstitches.net/free-stuff/schlep-bag/ and look at the bag,,, pretty cool! and so easy to make!

I'm going back there to see what else I can find...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Bee

I belonged to an online group ( can't even remember which one now ) and someone said
Hey! anyone living in Big D,, lets get together and meet!. Well this was about 3 years ago and we still meet once a month. There are 4 of us, and we added a new member a couple of months ago. I call it my Saturday Bee and I look forward to our get-togethers...

We had fun today,,, there were 4 of us and we just shared a good time, talking and showing off the quilts we had.

Thanks for a nice morning, guys!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christmas Bow Tie - Finished!

YEAH! One more UFO is finished --- put the final border on the Christmas Bow Tie tonite and it does have a different lookChristmas Bow Tie - finished The measurements are 94 x 110 - I really didn't intend it to get so big! and there is not a place in my house where I can lay the whole thing out!Christmas Bow Tie - finished I think I like the darker border, and it could have been even wider probably. It's really hard to get the full effect without hanging up or laying down flat -- I'm going to have to get my husband to buy a bigger house!! Boy! Wouldn't he go for that !?! NOT!...Christmas Bow Tie - finished I can see it now,,, Oh Darling,, I need a house with a room big enough to hang or lay flat my big big quilts! He would probably tell me to clean the garage and use the floor out there... LOL!

Thanks to everyone who has left me the great comments! Yep, I have thought about donating to charity but it might be a good Christmas present for my brother and sister-in-law? I'm sure that quilting will also enhance it -- ok long-arm-ers,,, ideas? I was thinking that on one of the borders if there were words about Christmas or Christmas songs that might be fun - not sure how to do the bows.... small stipple in the background to make the bows pop?

And yes,,, I thought this was a great idea a couple of years ago.... and maybe when it is all finished ( meaning ALL finished where the bindingis sewn on ) I might like it more, but for now, I'm thinking it is going to live in someone elses house!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christmas Bow Tie

Christmas Bow Tie Well this is the Christmas Bow Tie quilt - and my baby Dexter - the big ham! I got the, geez, what do you call them?, the square borders on AND the next border which is just a plain strip of background fabricChristmas Bow Tie The final border is a dark green with line drawn leaves in gold,,, to keep with the golden background fabric. Christmas Bow Tie I'll get that done tomorrow nite probably, maybe, or at least this week. Then I can climb into the closet and see what sort of Christmas-y fabric I might have that will work for the back. Gee! It feels good to get one more thing done!!!

Still not real crazy about it...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A new UFO Project - or Gee, I Still Dont Like it

In my quest to get my UFO's done, I'm going to start a new 'project'... and when I pulled it out of the plastic bag,--- I still don't like it.

This is a Christmas quilt I started probably about 3 years ago. I remember having a lot of fun finding all the different fabrics and thinking how cool it was going to look. I hadn't been quilting long and it really shows! ( you can see Webster's tail at the bottom of the picture ). It needs the block borders still on two sides and there are a couple of more borders after that - it's going to be pretty big when it is finished. Maybe I'll like it when I'm done. or not...
Pattern if from McCalls Quilting magazine - December 2004....
Guess I had better get started!

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