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Sunday, March 22, 2009


yea yea yea,, I'm a day late but yesterday was National Quilting Day... I heard but didn't remember until now ... browsing other blogs and EVERYONE ( yes, everyone ) is writing about it. I didn't know that it had been around for 20 years - saw that on someone's blog. Well, I did spend some of the day quilting - with my friends at tirane's house. There was just three of us -- we missed you SueAnn and Swooze! - but we managed to have a good time.

Babs had a couple of packs of nickel charms a couple of months ago and we fiddled with laying them out... they were just too busy to put TOGETHER,, they needed a plain something to make them work. She didn't want to mess with them so I was the happy recepient of the squares. That was severl months ago,, and they were still sitting on my computer table ( they moved around the room LOL but ended up by my computer ) I got tired of seeing them.

I found a good pattern in "MORE NICKEL QUILTS" by Pat Speth,, I have some plain white Robert Kaufman Kona White and - hey! I have a new project to work on...
These are the squares, some already sewn into the HST

From Shoo-Fly Quilt

I also got a lesson in sewing straight lines yesterday. We were all talking and I was marking my lines so I could sew the two squares together. I got all marked, and started chaining everything together ( 30 pairs ),,, cut the squares apart from the chain, laid one on the cutting mat,, measured out my 1/4 inch to cut, did the big cut .... ( do you see it coming yet??)
DUHH,,, big double DUHHH...

Do you see what I did???

From Shoo-Fly Quilt

There is my lesson in straight stitching - and I did it well, too! Oh well, I can't talk and sew at the same time. I went back and sewed the two line on either side of this one, cut the HST apart, pressed and gave up...
Came home and took a nap


I finally got all the borders put on this quilt, the kit called it Quilters Trails, I'm not sure what I want to name mine,, but I'm not seeing that name in it's future. I like how it worked out. The big ( 8 inch wide! ) floral was part of the kit and I added the mottled navy and creme...
no backing has been picked out yet ( I'm sure hoping I can get something out of my stash,,,! )

I took lots of pictures, but the wind was blowing, the darn quilt is too big, I'm too short, husband wouldn't help ( actually I didn't ask him cause he would have had all his own ideas and that makes me mad,, just do what I want,, keep quiet,, go back into the house,, leave me alone,,, -- get the drift? ) One taken in the shade, one in full sun - the one in the shade is probably a better idea of the true colors.

so here it is -- TA-DA!



Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm doing right well keeping up with the Quilt Along with Judy Laquidara,, I'm surprised at myself! I think I'm ahead,, I mean, I finished this particular Step 4 before the due date (( YES!! I don't have to have this done until March 24 -- that means I have a whole week to work on a couple of other things!! )) Isn't it funny how that seems to excite me so!

I'm pretty good at reaching deadlines but I make myself a nervous wreck doing it..--.. so, I really like being ahead of the game for a change!

Anyway,, here is my version of Bears in the Farmhouse... I'm liking how it is coming out!

Excuse the color ,,, I ran outside just before dark to hang this on the fence and get a shot. The blue border ( it's really a turquoise ) is the same as what is a 'toenail' in the bear's paw. There are a few more borders that go on this one,, and my final border is a fun, bright green with bugs! It's going to be a Happy, Spring, Fun quilt! ( thanks everyone for the adjectives! )

Bears in the Farmhouse step 4

Ok, Judy.,,,, I'm ready for the next step!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


You have heard me talk about doing Judy Laquidara's Quilt Along, and you've seen my progress as we go from step to step,,, I tell you, this has been tough going for me! AARRRGGGHH A deadline!! I don't do well with deadlines! Work, husband, friends, family -- they all get in the way! (( OH that isn't right, they don't get "in the way", they just divert me from my destination - the finish line (( grin )) ))

Anyway,, while watching Gray's Anatomy, I sewed some of the sashing strips for the current step ( sewing during commercials, of course! ), then after the show I thought I would browse around in the groups PhotoBucket file and see what everyone else had done.

YOU NEED TO SEE! There are gorgeous quilts in the making -- I see alot that makes me go " NOW, why didn't I think of that - DUH!"...
but, I'm happy with what I have and think it will be really cute.

Go check out the other blocks http://gs104.photobucket.com/groups/m177/EB85YWXUEC/
Let me know what you see!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

QUILT ALONG - Bear Blocks

Well,, it was a little tough going but I did get all my blocks done and made the deadline... for the Quilt Along with Judy Laquidara.. Darn job gets in the way!

Bears in the Farmhouse blocks

These are all 12 blocks,,, it took me until midnite last nite to get them done . I knew I had to have them done by then because I spent the day with The Most Amazing Grandson - just the two of us. A movie, and a picnic at the airport watching the planes come in. Hey! I'm inventive and he thought it was loads of fun!! At 7, they are still easy to convince that sitting on the side of the road eating hamburgers is fun... and trying to figure out where those planes might have come from was a delight.

Ok, Judy,, bring on the next step!

bears in the farmhouse block

I'm going to trim them now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I had mentioned in a past posting that I had sorta challenged my friend tirane93 to make a Double Delight along with me. It was fun working on the same quilt pattern together and what a blast to see how different they have come out! Both are finished, waiting for quilting.

It just amazes me how they came out ---- so different!!

this one is mine

DSC02293 and,,, this one is tirane's
check out her blog, too

I really like hers,,, I really like mine!

Grab a friend and quilt pattern and try it sometime! I think we will probably do this again.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I found a new cool website - it's called QUILT QUA. The definition of QUA ( as stated on the site ) is "In the character of or capacity of" and it is that,,, a great quilty website with just tons of links to blogs ( lots of blogs!) guilds, quilt websites, manufacturers and a section with great hints and ideas.

Grab a cuppa something, sit back and browse. I had a good time and plan on going back!

STASH REPORT - ( BUT I don't know what week it is!)

I finished my Double Delight quilt yesterday so now I get to add in the fabric I used to my Stash Report! It will finally look like I have some progress!!

I haven't purchased anything all year!! That is a great step for me - and it feels so liberating! I had a really really bad habit of spending some part of the weekend looking at and buying fabric. Now I spend my time ( if not with the grandkids ) sewing.

The Double Delight quilt took 14 yards - that includes the back, too, and there is probably enough to make a couple of pillow cases.

So, add the 14 yards used for this quilt to the 16 yards used year to date,,, that's 30 yards for the year! Not a lot, I know, but hey! it is what it is...

Now to update the sidebar.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm doing the happy dance LOL __ can you see me? FA LALALA !! I'm all finished with the Double Delight quilt from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site ( at least the top is done! ) And,,, I really really like how it came out!!DSC02293 Those mitered corners kicked my butt! I worked and worked on them but they finally look great! Here's is one corner DSC02292 and here is another DSC02296 I didn't take pictures of the other two cause they are in the grass.. but I think they came out just swell! AND it doesn't ripple when I had it laid out on the floor.. it is all nice and flat just as it should be !! HAPPY DANCE!! The quilt is 83-1/2 inches square, bigger than I planned but that's ok - I had plenty of fabric to work with.... and it was all from stash! A true stashbuster quilt!

I have a whole lot of the apple fabric left, so I'm going to use it for the back,, and there just might be enough to make a couple of pillow cases ( OH! guess I have to get the left over fabrics, like the greens and reds, too! )
Once again,,, playing with fabrics and designs in Electric Quilt makes the idea look good when it becomes reality. Whoo-hhooo! (( I'm too sexy for this quilt, too sexy for this quilt... LOL ))
I think I'm going to use the dark green for the binding,, that should look good.

If you remember, my friend tirane93 and I were making the same quilt in different colors...
HEY, tirane! got yours done yet??

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