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Sunday, May 17, 2009

STASHBUSTING - Week Whatever

I'm giggling to myself cause I can never remember what week this is supposed to be for stashbusting - guess it really truly doesn't matter as long as I keep track.

Ya'll would be so proud of me! My LQS was having its annual "Garage Sale" this weekend. The employees gather up all their stuff that they don't want anymore and sell it in the back room of the store - it is ALWAYS a wonderful event!! AND I usually do a pretty good time at buying - remember, these are people who work at the store... so you know the quality is good! And it's not just fabric, but books, magazines, notions, sewing machines,,, anything and everything.. a fun time for all!

Anyway,,, I really thought about taking off work ( a long lunch ) and going Friday, but I said to self, "Self, You know you don't need a thing, not one blessed thing!" and I said to the other self, "Well, I could use some backing fabrics and you know there is always large amounts of fabrics" then I got to thinking about my own personal outlet store down the street, and I was a good girl and stayed at work ( not nearly as much fun! )

Well, Saturday I had to take the dog to the vet and you know the LQS is just down the street ( literally ) so I did stop,, and I looked and I looked and I touched and sighed and touched some more,,, but I was good! I didn't succomb to the Evil Fabric Arm Twister -- Pat me on the back!!

I'm lying,,,

I gave in...

I bought a book and 2-1/4 yards of fabric ( do you see my big grin? ONLY 2-1/4 yards!! I saw this piece and just had to have it... the perfect fabric to make The Amazing Grandson some pillowcases...

and,,, If I had gone on Friday - I might not have seen it! The Evil Fabric Arm Twister got me just a little bit...

2-1/4 yards for $5.00
the smile on The Amazing Grandson's face - priceless!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turning Twenty - I did another one

My bee retreat was this past weekend and it was a blast... I never like to cut out anything when on retreat,, the mind just isn't focused to do that ( I'm too busy talking! ) so I cut everything and take pre-cut kits to work on. I figured that I couldn't screw up too much if I did another Turning Twenty, straight seams,, no matching seams,, and this is such a fun pattern for mindless sewing. Get a bunch of fat quarters together, cut them all the same, sew them together and -- WOW another quilt is done. So this was my first project for the weekend and I really did finish it on Friday!! well, everything except one side of the last border,, so I guess I can say I finished it - hey! it's my blog,, I can say it! I was sewing up a storm!! I finished the last border side on Saturday morning... I was quite proud of myself! I got a top finished, talked, ate, and had fun, too! Aren't retreats wonderful!?!

This one I think I'm going to practice some longarm quilting on.... my friend tells me to come try, so I think this is a good one to play with.

I am real happy with how it came out,,, maybe the oranges are a little strong,, but I still like it.

Tangerine Blues

I am going to call this one Tangerine Blues,,, hhmm wonder what is hiding in the stuffed closet that can be the back,,, but I'm going to leave that for another day .

STASHBUSTING - Week Whatever

yep, I'm still counting how much I use, and I haven't bought anything else. In fact, the 5 fat quarters that I bought a week or so ago are going back to the store... why ruin my winning streak??

No fabric purchased this week
Fabric used this week - 8 yards for Tangerine Blues Turning Twenty. No backing yet picked out
Totals are over to the left...

Golly!! I feel so liberated!! No fabric purchases!!

now if I can only give up chocolate


at least the top is finished! I had a dickens of a time with the borders,,, not enough fabric for what I wanted to use, had to get creative. I think it works,, I think....

anyway,, it's done! Yipee - I'm doing the happy dance! still have to find some backing for it,, but alas, I can't get into the fabric closet and see what I have!! Now THAT is a real problem, right?? To dang much fabric shoved into a closet and you can't even see what you have... I have got to figure something out and remedy this situation ( don't worry, banging my head against the wall will only dent the wall and not my head )



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