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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Turtle Quilt - part three

Well, the wonderful and talented Granma has been busy! All the blocks are done, all 20 of them! Let's see, 9 pieces per block x 20 blocks -- Whew! That is a lot of pieces!


Granma said she was very pleased! The most amazing Grandson has not seen them yet -- LOL He would be very excited! So tonite, the Granma put them up on the design wall and this is what she sawDSC01998 How Fun!! Of course the color on this is lousy,,, but Granma said to post it anyway. It shouldn't take long to put them all together... there is an inner border of about 2 inchesin an orange and then the same blue as the background will be the borders. HHMM wonder if a small blue inner border and then the orange border would be a good thing. Might set the turtle blocks off very well...

Well, the wonderful and talented Granma is a big Dancing With The Stars fan so time to go!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Turtle Quilt - part 2 - addendum

The very special and Wonderful Granma was feeling so proud of herself about fixing the big mistake that EQ made with the blocks for the feet -- it was no big deal to just add a piece of blue to the block and VOILA! it fit!!

Then she read her email. A friend named Tirane93 left this message

tirane93 has left a new comment on your post "The Turtle Quilt - part 2 ( I think )": maybe just maybe you have the back feet on the wrong sides and twisted 90 degrees. when the two tail sections are sewn together they'll be shorter, requiring that the feet also be short (rather than narrow). assemble one and verify before you sew that strip on all of them!

Well,,, the very special and Talented Granma thought about this all day while she was working. She drove home like a quilter who sees a fabric sale and ran into her sewing room and twisted those silly feet blocks around. Weeeelllll,,, what do you think ???

The wonderful Granma looked and thought " Well, maybe,,," so phhfftt,, there went one strip of fabric and the sewing machine was turned on, the tail sections were sewed together ( do you see it coming yet??? )
The terrific Granma put the foot section to the tail section and sewed up the seam and.....

Well, you don't REALLY want to know what the Granma said....!

Still muttering under her breath, the very talented and wonderful Granma is busy ripping off pieces of blue from 40 feet.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Turtle Quilt - part 2 ( I think )

The Wonderful Granma says "The turtle quilt is coming along swimmingly! All the pieces have been done." .This is not the best picture DSC01926( sorta out of focus ) but you can get the idea of work in progress. But,,there was a little glitch... when the Granma was organizing them,, there wasn't enough of a couple of the pieces- The Granma wasn't too upset,,, she just smiled and thought about those "extra" sheets - they weren't extra after all! So the Granma cut some more fabric pieces and sewed them up quick as can be.

DSC01933 See how organized the Granma can be! All lined up and ready to be pieced together.

DSC01934DSC01935 Here are the two different blocks. The Granma is pretty pleased! But wait! Why don't the bottom feet look to be the same size block as the one above it?? Oh MY!! Is there something wrong? It looks like the EQ pattern didn't print out the block just right -- but the Granma wasn't worried - she just smiled and said "I can fix that - lickety split!" So the Granma measured and figured out that a little strip of blue would just do the trick....DSC01940 It finished off the foot and blends right into the block. And the Wonderful Granma doesn't have to redo the block, sew 40 new blocks and she can continue working on the quilt for her Special Grandson. She is a really smart Granma!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just a Little Note

I'm just playing around visiting blogs,,, vacant mind,,, relaxed,,, waiting on hubby to call and tell me to meet him for dinner ( yipee! no cooking! ) and I stumbled on the coolest site for quilt patterns! Now, it's not that I NEED any ( see the imphasis on N E E D ) but it sure is fun to look, isn't it! And after all,,, I do need to use up some stash - then I can go buy more !

So, here is the site http://with-heart-and-hands.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-quilting-patterns.html and I put a picture on the left hand side here that says Free Quilt Patterns.

Get a cuppa ( or a wine glass (( giggle )) ) and enjoy!

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