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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quiltville New Mystery Quilt

yep, I'm a sucker for Bonnie's quilts ( Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.com ). She has another mystery starting and I'm playing along. I didn't ask my friend tirane to play along this time, I figured she has enough on her plate, and I really! didn't want to hear her moan and groan (vbg)!

Anyway,, these are my fabrics, scrappy greens, golds and the tans. The flowery stuff is my background. Actually this picture isn't very good cause you don't see enough of the contrast between the flowery one and the tans but there really is... the tans are more cremes. Anyway,, I pulled everything from stash and found some fabrics that I didn't even remember I had! Wonder what else I would find if I dug a little deeper ( that is scary, very scary )???
So, this just started and I'm finishing up step 1 - step 2 was just posted yesterday,, so I'm doing good! OH! I did see where she will leave this up until about June,,, LOL think I can finish by then???

Quilts for Kids

I hoping everyone has heard of QUILTS FOR KIDS,, a great organization nationwide that helps kids everywhere

this is their mission statment:

Mission Statement: Quilts for Kids, Inc. transforms discontinued and unwanted fabrics into quilts that comfort children in
need. These children are fighting a life battle with cancer, AIDS, and serious illnesses as well as battered & abused
children. Our goal is to link design centers and other fabric sources nationwide to their communities, so that children in
need in those regions may be served.
Date of Founding & Type: August, 2000; 501(c)3 charitable organization
Number of quilts made & distributed: (as of 2009:
Tens of thousands distributed worldwide
Fabric saved from landfill: (as of 2009): many millions of pounds and counting. . .
Founder & Location: Linda Arye, headquarters in Yardley, PA

anyway,, I stumbled on this from somewhere and ordered a kit ( no charge to me! ) and I was amazed at what I got! Beautiful fabrics and totally complete instructions on exactly how they wanted the quilt made. The fabrics were already cut, so I didn't have to do too much of that and it includes everything,,, except for batting and thread! Can't beat that! This is the quilt I made from thier kit at the top. I even quilted it, using just straight line quilting - so super easy!

I also made another to send them from my fabrics

I used poly batting in both of them, washed and dryed them and they are going on their way back to Penn. tomorrow.
There is even a super duper label that you sew on that is included with the kit and they say they will sew one on mine.
Check them out! It really was lots of fun and makes me feel real good being able to help others using an art that I love to do.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I think I was a BAD BAD girl

I swore! to myself that I was NOT, nope, not gonna, won't, don't even ask, go out shopping today. I heard cars driving down our street reeeellllyyyy early this morning and thought,,, " aaahh, this is such a warm comfy bed, with my very own quilt made with my very own hands keeping me warm ( did I say cozy? ) ... those silly people out this early ( gee, maybe they had to go to work, poor them! )

so I slept on,,, happy in my confidence in self that I was NOT going shopping.

But, I kept dreaming about the $1.49 flannel, and how nice that would be to have for quilt backs for kids quilts ( such a deal! ). I was also thinking about how my very very very favorite fabric outlet was having a 25% off sale on their quilting cottons ( their normal price is like $3.00/yard, so this would be $2.25/yard -- for good stuff! )... Nope, not gonna,,,,

don't need it

no place to store it

Well, I finally got up about 9am, and decided "what they hey,, maybe they will be sold out, maybe the cutting line will be so bad that I won't stay, maybe I won't see a thing I want" and went to Joann's...

got my number at the cutting tables, first ( smart move says I ! )

found the flannel, and picked out about 6 different patterns,,, some for boys, some for girls,,,

I'm number 59 and they just called 32 - moving right along!

I browsed the rest of the store and got some buttons, fat quarters, the iron I love ( of course on sale!, it's out of production I think, and Joann's had some! )

they just called 47!

Ok, guess I'm doing it,,, I go stand by the cutting area and about 15 minutes later I have the fabric I originally had in my cart, plus (big grin! ) about 3 more styles.

3 yards each ( remember this is for backs for kids quilts! )

home again, home again, jiggity jig...


I have been good and sewing up a storm ( AFTER I got home from shopping ssshhh! don't tell my husband all that I bought)

but I needed a break so I started browsing, surfing, whatever it's called now, and I ran across this cool video from Missouri Start Quilts. If ya'll have seen this, good,,, or if you are like me and behind the times,, good then I'm not alone.

Anyway, I might try this technique for a charity quilt... or two

Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING - I hope everyone has a day they will remember.

Yep, it's that day again,,, when (usually) the women spend all day cooking - yep more cooking - did I say cooking, then put everything on the table for all the guests who show up
`````` ( hopefully on time but sometimes not )
along with the stuff ( that took more cooking,, or in the case of some of MY family members, stopping at the open grocery store for the tub of potato salad )
that they brought and ( geez, why did Sister Sue bring that dang dog??!! )

15 minutes later...................


wait....................... it's coming


so now the men have moved towards the television (( if you planned it right, you eat BEFORE "THE GAME" ,, they have their spots picked out, the toothpicks tucked in tight and


wait..................... it's coming

,,, they all fall asleep!!
Except the really true die hards, who have to replay the game play by play, and of course! they know how to REALLY armchair quarterback -- ( like my passenger seat driving (grin) )

So, the women sit around the table and pick at the leftovers, thinking that we really need to get the mess cleaned up - cause after all, there is STILL the desserts left ( and I do truly love love love pumpkin pie! )

who is taking home what,,, is there a place to put this,,, no Aunt Mary, don't throw the silverware away,,, yes, please, take that leftover cranberry sauce home - here's a container,,, just put it all into the dishwasher,, ick, mashed potatoes got smushed into the carpet,,, no, let's leave the tablecloth on for now,, no Granma, you don't have to wash them by hand, the dishwasher WILL get them cleaned,,,, who IS that snoring???

does this sound like your house??

AAAHHH,, families,, I love mine like crazy..... and I like nothing better than the BIG Thanksgiving Dinner where EVERYONE shows up, the kids are crazy ( and it's fun to hop them up on sugar! ) the house is too small and too hot and there is too much food and all I want is a nap and PLEASE! Sister Sue WHY did you bring that dang dog?? Who is that snoring??!!! Is the game over yet? the stuffing was icky, I like mine better, the turkey was great wonder how much is left can I have another piece of pie? get the DOG out of the kitchen.
This year,,,
we went out to eat.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I really have been busy making a quilt... It's called Chinese Magic and it is all sorts of Asian fabrics. Made a little dent in my collection - a little dent.

I can't decide which way to go with the borders... so I need your help!

this way with a cream/gold border first, finished to 1-1/2, then a small 3/4 loose border then about a 6 inch main border,,,,
this way,, with the green first cut for a finished 1-1/2, then the small 3/4 creme and the same border fabric.

I picked the green and creme cause of the main border fabric and because there is so much purple in everything else ( sorry, no big picture of the entire quilt yet )

SO,,, which way should I go??

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GE Designs Christmas Tree Mat

The Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designers Blog Hop has lots of cool projects for doing... this is from GE Quilt Designs,, and I just love it!
It would be even better if I would just follow instructions! It's a 'quilt as you go" which is so much fun to do, cause it's done so fast!
I finished the binding and buttons and bells last nite,,
I'm thinking that I might make another in REAL Christmas fabrics,,,so, go check out the blog page at http://gudrun.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/11/ccc-blog-hop-day-1.html and do one,, super easy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Designer Blog Hop

Have you guys been following along with the Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designers Blog Hop? It has been just loads of fun reading about their lives and their memories. Brings back lots of memories of Christmas's past for me too.
There have also been lots of recipes and nifty quilty things to make.. as soon as I get the binding sewn on, I'll put up a picture of my tree wall hanging..
at New Leaf Stitches.... she has a really cute pillow to make,, I printed out the pattern and it will be on my list for this coming week...
Have fun!

( i'm not affiliated with any of these ladies,, I'm just having fun blogging around)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok, Saturday nite, I spent the day with my Saturday buddies being really really productive so I figured that a little down time in front of the computer is needed. I'm browsing around on the blogs that I love to read and Happy Zombie is on my list... WELL! You have go to go visit here
http://thehappyzombie.com/blog/?p=381#comment-107235. I can't give it away, you are just going to have to go read the blog..


this is MY idea of a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I gotta get off the computer and get some dinner on the table,, but I found this blog hop


its from Quiltmaker Magazine and it looks like there is a bunch of contests, and prizes, and lots of cool info... a special issue magazine too,,,

check it out for me,, husband is hungry!

EDIT EDIT ___ I WON!! See me doing the happy dance!! I really really won a copy of this magazine! Mine is coming from Eileen Fowler at Quiltmaker...http://www.quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/2009/11/10/100-blocks-navajo-nights/

I can't wait to get the book!

still doing the happy dance

Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop

Second Day - get to know Sandy Gervais here...

she has a really cute placemat tutorial and some yummy popcorn balls...
I've been busy making the tree wall hanging from yesterday -- well, I took my MIL shopping today but I have it cut out and ready to piece! Maybe I can get it done tonite???
Ladies, STOP! I can't make them all!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Today starts the first day of the Cross Country Christmas Quilt Designer Blog Hop ---
it starts here http://gudrun.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/11/ccc-blog-hop-day-1.html and there are about 11 or 12 more on the hop... I printed out a tutorial for making a wall hanging from Gudrun's web site,, really cute! and looks so easy to do.

Join in, read the rules and they are giving away prizes... I'm finding lots of cool things on their blogs and learning who they are, too!


I always loved that song -- "another one bites the dust - boom boom" ( the booms are drums I think,, I'm too old to remember! )

Anyway,, got another top done -- geez, all it needed was borders, what was I waiting for?? These were blocks from a swap at my guild from a few years ago. It has been put together and I had the fabric for the borders,, just didn't feel like putting it together - I'm a lazy girl!

Now I wish I had put in a small third border between the purple and the main border of a LIME GREEN!! wouldn't that be cool! Just a little zinger in there... nice bright LIME GREEN! what a hoot!
DSC02865 not a great picture and it isn't even laid out well on the grass ( I was too lazy to even hang it up on the side of the house like I usually do - lazy girl ) but I think it will be a nice wrap up in sorta quilt. I have enough of the border stuff to make the back, too. If you can get in close, the border has leaves in it so it's not just blurbs of green and purple.

Anyway, back to the LIME GREEN,,, think I'm going to bind it in that!! That will give me my lime green fix and make a little zippity-do-dah to this 'just ok' swap quilt...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've spent a couple of days playing around with the way my blog looked. I just wasn't real happy with how the words spilled over into background and it just looked sloppy.

I found out how to make this layout be three columns,,, that was a biggy for me! messing with the code ( and I used to be a programmer many many years ago - MANY years ago! )
I changed the header picture, I think I want it still a little smaller, but that can be for later...
I managed to loose some of my sidebar things,,, oh well,, guess I start over with those!

So, whatchathink?

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