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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elevenses - the difference in designs

You know my friend tirane and I have made quilts using the same pattern but putting our own special touch to them, either in tweaking the pattern or different materials or just something different to show how unique we both are. Well, Judy at Virtual Quilter put out a challenge a couple of weeks ago to take these eleven blocks and do something with them in EQ. Well, how can I turn down a challenge?? A chance to show my uniqueness but not have to make the quilt - instant gratification!
So I jumped in with both feet and started doodling ( so to speak )...These are the 11 blocks to start with. I thought they were pretty, they are nice, we could change the colors, change the layouts, do anything we wanted really, but we had to stay with these blocks.

So,, staying with Judy's colors,, I 'doodled' these designs:I left alot of 'white' space, thinking of what my wonderful friend could do with her long arm,,, I also didn't use alot of the applique blocks, I do love to do needleturn, but not for these quilts.

Then I decided I really needed something different - but I couldn't change the blocks, remember? I needed COLOR! Lots of color.. so I played with batiks in EQ and came up with these. I like these,,
they make me feel happy!

I'm wondering what other designs have been designed.. can't wait to see!

Spinning Santas - coming alive

Fianlly! We had a beautiful day -- upper sixties, sun shining,, just a glorious day! Did the grocery shopping bit ( golly how I hate to shop on Saturdays,, it's so blasted crowded! and do you think that it would be nice for others to not stop in the aisle and talk on the phone?! my apologies to anyone who has done this, but I was aggravated )

so this evening I have been trying to get my spinning santas table topper done. I had this done last niteDSC03210 I couldn't find the leopard print I wanted,, ( the santas have leopard print hat bands ) but I did find a black/gold print that is working out just splendidly as a tiny piping between the santas and the red!

But I didn't like how it was lining up in the middle so today I took that apart, turned it around, and I just added the top red triangles to square it all up.. looky looky looky!! It is working out just as I had hoped!!


I'm going to put about a 5 inch border on the sides and probably a 3 inch on the top and bottom,, of course I'm going to do the black piping around all of it.

Ok, that's my update so far...

What have you been working on?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BEACH COTTAGES or keeping warm in the sun

just a short entry to show off the Beach Cottages top - it's almost done,, needs an inner border and then the piano keys border. I found a wonderful! batik for the back, but I'll save that for later... it's a secret :)

I'm tickled with it! and if you like to paper-piece, it's very easy to do!

But I need someone to tell me why the quilt-loving beasties can appear the minute you lay a quilt on the floor??? This isn't even a quilt, but a top with paper still attached to it! Silly beast, guess he has decided that it is worth claiming for his own!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blogging about a Blogger

Have ya'll found The Virtual Quilter yet? Judy is a quilter who makes the most wonderful quilts................. in EQ6! Her blog is just full of wonderful designs and ideas... I am not sure where I stumbled upon her blog from but she has become one of my favorites... both for ideas and motivation!

Well, now she has gone and stimulated the brain is making me think ( that is a VERY dangerous thing these days)... she has started a contest to see what her readers can come up with for designs. She supplies the blocks and a few layouts and some simple rules and as she is challenging the world to "show me what you got!"

Give it a try,, I'm not going to post any of my designs until Feb 28 ( that is part of the rule, so that the players can all have a surprise ) but, go to the blog page here http://virtualquilter.wordpress.com/2010/02/20/invitation-to-elevenses/

and give it a try,,, I'm having a blast!

Sewing Machine Education

A rainy Sunday Morning and I am browsing around the web and someone on one of my groups posted about this YouTube video --

We all know how a sewing machine works,,, but do you really know HOW the machine works? I found it very fascinating and quite entertaining, too!

This is part one of two,,, if you like it, then you can go to here to see it.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THNRuUr4hlo enjoy!
oops! found a third part here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq9V8W6tV40

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Didn't Leaver Forever - just a little bit

It's been almost a month since I posted anything - bet ya'll thought I gave up sewing anything and moved on to something different! Well, in a way I did,,, I started a new job February 1 and it has taken me awhile to get in the groove,,, I've been off for 5 glorious months and have thouroughly enjoyed myself. But, my wonderful, darling, delightful, adoring husband ( do you see me choking on those words?) really thinks that I am most needed in an office, earning a paycheck, not home sewing, cleaning, reading, washing, having lunch with his mother, scrubing floors - well you get the picture.
So, I'm back at work, and phooey on the housework. If he wants me with a paycheck, then something has to give, and it's the housework ( which I hated doing anyway :) !! )

So ( again ) I think I'm in the groove and I'm sorta back sewing. Yeah!! Cause I've missed it.

Today was my once a month Saturday meet with my quilting buddies. We had a new bud show up today ( hope she wants to be part of our little group! ) so we had lots of fun. Babs was sewing some of the cutest wonky log cabin blocks
They were "happy" blocks, with lots of brights and happy novelty fabrics. They are for a guild quilt contest - I think she will be sure to win!

Marcy is our new bud, she brought some knitting to do ( I need to get her and tirane to teach me!) Her yarn was just beautiful - un-dyed she said. She didn't bring her machine with her today but we all talked quilting and knitting and 'stuff'.

Nancy brought her machine and was working on a string quilt. She makes the prettiest string quilts This is a picture of her machine - she really was working on it, but this was the only picture I got so you just have to believe me.

Tirane was binding a Quilts-for-Kids quilt that she did. Do you know about Quilts-for-Kids? A great way to make a wonderful charity quilt. We all have done them, and have even worked on charity quilts all together, sorta like Huck Finn and whitewashing the fence. Check out the link I provided,,, give it a try - it's makes you feel good!

Anyway, here she is, sewing away, stitch, stitch stitch,,, she said she thought she could get thru about 3 quilts today ( binding ) but ,, LOL well you know how that goes! I know she finished this one, and did she start another??? I'm not sure, did you?

I was working on a "One Fabric Wonder" that I had cut out previously ( one of the ladies in my weekly bee is the bestest instructor and loves to try new techniques so a couple of weeks ago she showed anyone interested in this type of quilt how to make them - super easy! ) but I don't have any pictures. When I get it on the design wall I'll take a shot.

I almost have my Beach Cottages quilt all together - I want to finish it up tomorrow ( that's my plan anyway ) and tirane quilted my apple quilt for me so I can get it bound and the One Fabric Wonder and the spinning santas table topper and OH Golly! I can't work!! I have too many quilts to finish!!

Suzette,, we missed you! Hope all is doing better - our thoughts are with you
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