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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dallas Quilt Show 2010 - PICTURES

It's wonderful when you have friends that share their pictures with you! I went to the Dallas Quilt Show, with my camera, all intentions of taking pictures and posting them for everyone's enjoyment... pulled the camera out of my bag,, hit the button for power and --- NOTHING!
I muttered a few words under my breath ( I didn't want to embarrass anyone close! ) and went on to enjoy the quilts sans camera.

But! We are saved! My friend Diane gave me a disc of all the pictures that she took!! Yipee!!
She did a wonderful job of getting the artist name and description, too.. Thank you so much Diane!

There are about 300 pictures, you can adjust the slide show to your preference ( see bottom of screen ) give it a minute to load up,,

Dallas Quilt Celebration 2010

If you don't want the slide show,, you can see the pictures here http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/577090080xSRlLz?vhost=home-and-garden

Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's National Quilting Day!!! And I'm Going To SEW!!

I really really thought this day would not get here - I haven't been able to get one bit of sewing done all week,,, a lot of sitting in front of the television, but no sewing! I miss it!!

So, today is the day!! It's raining outside, it's going to be cold again ( someone must be angry with Texas, cause the trees are budding and the flowers are peaking out and it's supposed to get to the 30's again! )

I did go to the Dallas Quilt Show last Sunday and had all the plans of taking pics of all the quilts, posting them to Webshots so everyone could enjoy a virtual show,,, I forgot to recharge the battery. I'm so sorry! No pictures, not even a one! There were some great quilts, too. The theme was Log Cabins ( Judy B at VirtualQuilter would have enjoyed it ). I came away with lots of inspiration! I found batiks for $6.00/yd and scooped up some more ( sure, I need those - see me grinning! ) and got some good quality fat quarters for $1 each -- but that was it! My friend Diane was there too and we walked around for a bit and looked, she got one of the Martelli mats and their rotary - I need to ask her how she likes them. I have their cutter and like it ( so if I like it, why don't I use it more often instead of the Olfa?? )

The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild is having a sew-in today too,, maybe I can scoot down there and say hi.. I don't think I'll get to stay to sew, though.

Ok, have to get a couple of errands done, I'm sewing!!!

What do you have planned for today??

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mystery Log Cabin

Judy B at "Virtual Quilter" has started a mystery quilt using log cabin blocks. You really need to check out her blog, she has some great designs that she comes up with on EQ6...
anyway,,, I'm always the sucker for a challenge, so I said "Sure! I'll Play!" and dug thru the stash and found fabrics to make her mystery... purples, yep I'm gonna have a purple log cabin. These will finish at 9 inch blocks, each log is one inch wide. ( looking at this, I'm not sure I like it,, Looks better in person ) While digging, I found a bunch of Red Hat Society fabrics, too... couldn't remember why I bought them, maybe something for my mother in law,, but since I can't remember they aren't saved for anything, are they? What would be a better back for a purple quilt than red and purple Red Hat fabrics??! Wow! I'm one smart cookie! I pulled fabrics for the top AND the back all at one time and all from stash!
Judy started the challenge with making 4 blocks in this colorway.. Wonder what she has planned for the next group of blocks?? Even though I'm not just tickled pink ( purple ) with my choice of fabrics, I'm sticking with them. Judy, help me out! Design a quilt that will make them look good, please!!
this is Webster, my shadow
He is my quilt-loving dog,, the really believes that each one is made just for him! He was wondering what I was doing ( actually I was eating an apple and he wanted some, yes, he loves apples ).
Just thought I'd share

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spinning Santas Table Runner - FINI !

Well, the top is done anyway - and I think I like it!
If you have been reading some of my posts about this project, you have probably been confused about "what the heck is this woman trying to do??!" Well, for background, I had a piece of Christmas fabric that I thought would be great as a One Block Wonder, but I didn't have enough of it to make a quilt ( at least not big enough for a person )
so, I always need table runners for this huge dining room table we have, so, what the heck,, I'll make this stuff be a new table runner! I was actually very pleased with the way the fabric cut into the hexagons and how it layed out,,, so, ok,, I didn't want just some old square rectangle table runner,, these hexs called for somethig DRAMATIC!!

So, my bitty brain thought,,, ANGLES! Put a slash thru the middle and angle it and well,, blah blah blah,, put some red for borders,, blah blah blah,,, oh the santas have leopard print,, hhmm,, that would be a good accent,,, blah blah blah

This is what I have


Like I said, I have a BIG table,,,,( the leaf isn't in this thing either, but it's wonderful when we have family over! ) I took some black and gold fabric and made little skinny 1/4 inch piping around the main parts and this is the red fabric I found ( would you believe this is Kaufman that I found at Joann's??)DSC03262
It looks more orange close up but it was great for this project,, it really is a deeper red and the swirls are wonderful to coordinate with my spinning santas ( are the gold stars just the best touch! )
And,,, this is a hex that shows off the leopard hat bands that I was trying to work with DSC03267

See! Spinning Santas!!

Ok, time for Grey's Anatomy,, later!

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