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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Final Saga

Well, Christmas is over and I'm full of turkey and ham - just the thought of those two meats makes me go 'EEWWW"... what we have left is going in the trash... I'm thinking a good greasy burger would be wonderful!

We had a wonderful time at my son's house - it's big and roomy and everyone has room to move around and -- most important -- since The Most Amazing Grandson and The Most Precious Granddaughter live there, they don't have to completely be on their best behaviour! They are at home and it makes it SO much easier!

I won't go blow-by-blow of the gifts but the quilts for these two were big hits! The Most Precious Granddaughter fell in love with hers and I got a great big hug and kiss! Everyone oohhed and aahhhed when she opened it and she looked really really happy! See her pose!delylia and quilt
The Most Amazing Grandson was so cute when he opened his... he reached into the big bag and pulled out the quilt and just hugged it to him saying "My turtule quilt!" brought tears to my eyes ( most things do nowadays ) I think he was very happy to have his quilt all done and he could wrap up in it...scott and quilt See the missing teeth!
Yes, they are truly amazing kids....
OH, I did put labels on both quilts, too! and I even named the quilts! Gee, I did good this time!
scott and delylia I printed them on Printed Treasure fabric sheets and sewed them to the backs. The labels were like these but a little different. I didn't like the purple background but couldn't figure out how to change it - the Turtle Quilt is named "Have you seen my turtle" and of course the other is Precious Little Princess. Thanks tirane for the name!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was good to all of you. New Year's is coming and there are a couple of mystery quilts I'm thinking of following - no nono no,,, I will not get them sewed this weekend, but I could start them I guess. Hey! what's one more unfinished project, hey?

till later

aka The Wonderful Grandmother


Vicki W said...

Great quilts and the kids look so happy!

Kathy Wagner said...

Oh how exciting! Don't you just love when the quilt receiver is delighted?!?! The children look so happy with their quilts!

Gina said...

Your grandchildren look gorgeous besides their quilts

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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