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Saturday, August 1, 2009


I haven't been doing a lot of sewing lately,,, the urge just up and went somewhere - maybe to your house?? If you have my urge, would you please put a stamp on it and send it back to me,, please! I have too many things undone, things I would really like to do,,, if I don't start sewing, I'm going to start ... oh I don't know... SHOPPING !!!

so I'm sitting in the sewing room,,, no not sewing, silly!,, but playing on the computer, seeing what everyone else is doing that has THE URGE... and I decide to change up my blog page... I'm supposed to be doing something creative, right?

Blog Page,, needs a change,, hhmmm,, it started at 8am,,, lets see what is out there that I can use... nope, nope, nope,, ok
now it's 10am,, geez! where did the time go?? the thunderstorm has come and gone, the lawn guys have been and cut ( yep in the rain )

11am,,, aaarrrrGGGHHH,,, I lost my blog!! OMG !!! can you see me scrambling!! my page, my page (( I'm standing on a dark street, looking up at a window, in a wife-beater t-shirt, pulling my hair, screaming STELLA!! ,, welll,, BLOG PAGE ! )) ,,, (grin) Marlon Brando in Streetcar, remember??

1220,,, page is back!! I fixed it! I still want to do something else to it,,, but for now - this is it!!

think I'll go shopping


Greenmare said...

well come on over to my place and see what I've been doing! another blogger has inspired/challenged me to finish up all that I have on my quilt rack and for once I'm DOING it!! there, did that inspire you??

Anonymous said...

Why don't you come to retreat in September so you can sew with us? We've missed you.


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