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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Going to Houston,, Going to Houston,, Ok I'm getting excited - Going to Houston Yipee!

I live in Dallas, about 5 hours from Houston,, an easy day drive going and coming. My friend and I are leaving Friday morning,, coming back sometime Sunday. That's a lot of shopping and looking time.... And we got a room at the Hilton ( I think that's the one attached to the convention center ) We can take all our purchases to the room when they get too heavy !! ( last year I checked in stuff at the little check-in place for a $1,, it was a life saver! )

I want to go see Fab Fanatics,, they always have batiks on sale for a great price ( like I need any ), I want to see all the fabulous quilts that are on display,, I want to see all the new, latest and greatest stuff that the vendors have... I want to play on the new machines ( nope, not in the market, just want to play ) ,, I'm sure there is other stuff I want to look at but I can't remember right now.

I'm doing the excited dance !! Are you going, too? Is there anything that I need to hunt down that I just have to have?

PS,,, any ideas on what to do with stuff that I bought last year and the year before that I haven't done anything with??? What have you done with yours? ( and you know you have them! LOL )


Quilt Hollow said...

Oh my are you a lucky quilter to be so close! What sorts of things will you be looking for? Will you take pictures of the new things that came out? I'd love to see them!

Jackie said...

You should be excited! How wonderful that you are going!

Do you still love the stuff you got last year and the year before? If so, keep it! Don't feel pressured by it; just enjoy it!

Babs said...

wish I was going. Maybe one of these years.

Why don't you bring some of the fabric you've bought other times with you next get together and we can think about it?

Beeshebags said...

If you need to make room for this years purchases...you could always send last year and the year befores to me....I could always make use of it! lol You lucky thing getting to stay so near the convention centre. I wish I was rich and could just fly over there...when I did last visit Houston, I wasn't sewing yet so didn't visit ANY fabric shops....I could kick myself now though! Have a great time. Hugs Naomi from Australia

swooze said...

Have fun. I did make one quilt from the batiks I bought but still have all those FQs that I bought to use up. I should get that one on the short list.

Lynn E said...

Well I am not close at all and I am jealous. I tried to email you back but you were no reply blogger.

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