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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The second day of a new year

(photo from Flickr - ::big daddy k:: /Rich)
It's a chilly Sunday morning, even the dogs stayed in bed late - husband is still asleep and I'm lost in blog-land.. catching up, reading, oohhing and ahhing. I just love mornings like this when it's quiet, and peaceful. When a cup of hot green tea and my thoughts are my companions.

I see that a lot of resolutions are being made, a lot of resolutions to NOT make resolutions, a lot of UFO challenges, clean up the sewing room promises -- well, you get the idea.

Not ME!

Hadn't thought about whether I was gonna or not gonna make a resolution

Hadn't given a short thought to those UFO's ( after all, if I really really liked what I was doing, wouldn't I have finished it back then?? )

The sewing room is always a mess, it will stay a mess, I give up trying to organize it. There is just way to much stuff ( spelled c.r.a.p ) for it all to fit into my little room (( lol, that little room is 11 x 11 and also houses the computer - see, little room ))

Me - I'm going to sew when I want to, watch TV when I darn well please ( I have become addicted to Netflix instant watch ), browse the internet for hours on end, enjoy my grandkids when I get to see them and pet the dogs on a very regular schedule and take them for long walks.

My husband,, hhmm,. should I pet him,too, or take him on long walks?

To all of you with big plans - I applaud you and will cheer you on with loud applause of enthusiasm. I will live vicariously through you.

As for me,, well, I'm lazy, I'm happy with no pressure to produce, I don't want to meet a challenge in my home hours ( getting to work everyday can be a challenge! ) I don't want to compete or agree to deadlines.

I FINALLY figured out that I will NEVER live long enough to make all the quilts I want to make or use up all the fabric that I have bought. ( did I really say that??! )

I want to love and be loved
I want to enjoy my friends
I want to be a couch potato without guilt
I want to sew when the urge strikes

Wonder what thoughts the third day of January will bring?


Anonymous said...


May your threads never tangle in this newish year!

I think I might borrow your resolutions ... I think I woud add that I would be able to spend as much time as I like reading blogs/blogging/crating virtual quilts!

Judy B

tirane93 said...

guilt-free couch potatoing? good luck with that - and if you figure out how, post us all a tutorial!

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