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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help!! I Need....

Would you sew in this room?
From Blogger Pictures
A fabric Fairy that will put all this stuff away. No, I haven't really lost my mind, and I don't try to sew in this mess. But..... here's my story (and I'm sticking to it )
I wanted new shelves in my closet where I try to keep my fabric ( operative word is TRY ) - new shelves so that I could get more fabric in the closet, clean up the room, make more space, blah blah blah. So I hunted down some new shelves that I hoped would work better than what I have, bought them and this past long weekend, I decided that I HAD to get this project done. I want a clean, neat, sewing room.
Well, long story short, the shelves I bought are not going to work, so I'm going to use the ones that I have already, but rearrange and clean up and throw out and see just what is lurking in those corners.

I found fabric that I had forgotten all about. I found fabric that I can't remember buying. I found fabric that I don't know WHY I bought it. I found stuff that I bought at the Houston quilt show a few years ago and is still in the package.  guess I really didn't need it afterall.
Scraps - OMG! I see two dozen scrap quilts in the making. I have 1/4 yards, 1/3 yards, pieces, there is so much of this stuff that I have to use it up before I can do anything else.
CHRISTMAS fabric - OMG again! and some of it is really ugly. This may be donated to a guild or something. Thee are only so many Christmas quilts that one person can make, right?
FLANNELS - I remember when I bought this, but not why. JOann's was having that great and fabulous flannel sale when they were selling it for $1.29 a yard so I thought it would make great backs for kids quilts. OR, they might make some fun rag quilts... hhmmm...
Ok, I've showed off the "room in progress" - if the fabric Fairy is hiding at your house, would you send her my way, Please?


swooze said...

We need to see a pic of said closet!

Anonymous said...

If the fabric fairy is hiding at MY home, she is surely squished flat under some pile and unable to do any work!

- Mary in Minnesota

mjnauert said...

your dear OCD friend in Austin, TX wants to sort and fold, group ufo's and projects neatly on shelves. Likes to work all waking hours and likes to get paid in coffee, chocolate treats and camaraderie. Also loves to paint and assemble shelving.

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