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Friday, November 18, 2011

Need Ideas, Please

another of those poor orphan quilts that I want to finish.  This was made from a couple of charm packs given to me by a lady in my Saturday group cause she didn't want them.  I'm not one to let something like that go to waste, so Voila!  looks like a kitchen table topper to me!

But,, I need to finish this off and I am just not sure how...  so ideas?  What would you finish this one?

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Juanita said...

What about adding a border (the width of the red center squares) around the sides 'as is', quilt and bind? I've done this a couple of times and really enjoy the break from square table toppers. Just a thought, I'm sure that whatever you choose, it will be nice, your work always is. :)

Babs said...

it looks great!

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