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Sunday, May 6, 2012

He likes a quilt!

He never likes my quilts. I hear him say "why do you cut apart fabric just to sew it together again? You could save time by just going to Walmart" How do you explain it to a ... (Well, the word I was thinking of can't be said here ) LOL. How to explain this to a ... Geez, can't even say MAN cause there are great male quilters.

This pattern started off as an idea for the 2012 New Project Challenge that CATPATCHES started. I shad the fat quarters, saw the pattern at OH FRASSON ( it's called birthday cake) took everything to retreat the first weekend in April and did the top in one day---cut it out and sewed it up in one day. I did just easy straight line quilting, nothing fancy, and it's done==Yee Haw!

And he likes this quilt.

I knew he would come around one day ;) <vbg>


1 comment:

Barbara said...

I really like this quilt.

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