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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It only took me about 10years to finish this

I saw this quilt at a retreat several years ago and just had to have it. I went around and collected fabrics everywhere I saw them (LOL Boy did I collect them)

And you know, I started this so long ago I can't really remember the time line BUT

I made my 7 year old grandson's first baby quilt with these fabrics before he was born, and I'm making a quilt of stars with the left overs from the blocks. I remember working on this when I had to help my stepfather after his hip replacement surgery and he passed away a few years ago. I remember finding some great backing fabric that I knew would be just perfect - for $1.00 a yard... LOL and I still have it and just pulled it out (ha! Already washed, too! )

That's sad ,,, to keep something that long before finishing it! And there was no reason, when I pulled it out, all it needed was the borders and the stars in the corners.

I know a very talented quilter that can do great things with the plain borders - that were intentionally left plain so she can do her magic - and I think a red binding will be a nice finishing touch, don't you?

Now I'm inspired. I'm going to retreat in a couple of weeks,, wonder what I can finish then?!?


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