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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Somebody's Looking at ME!

Where's Elmo?

LOL who's that looking at me?

I started cleaning up the sewing room,,, tossing things around, trying to get some organization and you know how that goes! To get organized, you have to make a mess... or at least I do! LOL

Well, I was tired, had a corner just full of JUNK! I was sitting at my computer and kept thinking someone was looking at me... Ghosts?? Fabric Elves ?? I kept looking around and didn't see anything....where's elmo? oops,,, then I caught a glimpse,,, there was an orange nose,,

there were two big eyeballs,,, OH MY !! What is lurking in the pile of stuff in the corner ???

Where's Elmo

who is that peeking at me ??!!!

It's ELMO!!

Here's Elmo!

he is my best buddy - I just love to hold him and squeeze the places that make him laugh!! I know, I'm a silly girl... but I just can't help it!


jillquilts said...

Too cute! I also make a big mess while cleaning. You are not alone!

Connie said...

too funny!! lol!!! I, too try to keep things tidy as I go, but it doesn't last. So then you clean, and rearrange a little, and before you know it you've made it even messier! Maybe if you give Elmo an allowance he'll do some picking up for you from time to time!

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