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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Turtle Quilt - part 2 ( I think )

The Wonderful Granma says "The turtle quilt is coming along swimmingly! All the pieces have been done." .This is not the best picture DSC01926( sorta out of focus ) but you can get the idea of work in progress. But,,there was a little glitch... when the Granma was organizing them,, there wasn't enough of a couple of the pieces- The Granma wasn't too upset,,, she just smiled and thought about those "extra" sheets - they weren't extra after all! So the Granma cut some more fabric pieces and sewed them up quick as can be.

DSC01933 See how organized the Granma can be! All lined up and ready to be pieced together.

DSC01934DSC01935 Here are the two different blocks. The Granma is pretty pleased! But wait! Why don't the bottom feet look to be the same size block as the one above it?? Oh MY!! Is there something wrong? It looks like the EQ pattern didn't print out the block just right -- but the Granma wasn't worried - she just smiled and said "I can fix that - lickety split!" So the Granma measured and figured out that a little strip of blue would just do the trick....DSC01940 It finished off the foot and blends right into the block. And the Wonderful Granma doesn't have to redo the block, sew 40 new blocks and she can continue working on the quilt for her Special Grandson. She is a really smart Granma!


tirane93 said...

maybe just maybe you have the back feet on the wrong sides and twisted 90 degrees. when the two tail sections are sewn together they'll be shorter, requiring that the feet also be short (rather than narrow). assemble one and verify before you sew that strip on all of them!

Gina said...

Gramma's doing a great job. I love the quilt so far.

Love and hugs Gina xx

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