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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Most Beautiful Granddaughter needs a quilt

The Most Wonderful Granma thought "Now how can I make quilts for the Most Amazing Grandson and not make one for the Most Beautiful Granddaughter? How silly of me!" So the Granma went thru her stash cause she KNEW that she had the perfect fabrics to make just the RIGHT quilt and this is what she found

"just perfect for a Girly-Girl quilt! Pinks and Yellows and Greens and Purples... Just Perfect!" Said the Wonderful Granma

"So just what pattern will do the best or these fabrics - it can't be too fussy or too detailed," thought the Granma, and she looked in her books and searched the internet and she found Meadow Morning at the QuiltMaker web site http://quiltmaker.com/patterns/patt51/ it would do just fine! ( Now you have to imagine this quilt in the colors that Granma picked, ok?)The Wonderful Granma has been very busy this week! She has the quilt all cut out and most of the pieces put together,, it's time to put the 4-patch blocks together and lay it out! DSC02036 Girly-Girl!!! The Wonderful Granma is thinking about how fun this will be for her bestest friend to quilt! Granma put together a couple of the blocks just to see how it might look when it is all together..........DSC02038 Granma thought to herself,,, "hhmm,,, think it will be more interesting if I twist some of these blocks around and not have them all going the same direction the same colors" So that is what the Wonderful Granma is going to do this afternoon! ( after she makes the Handsome and Strong Granpa take her out to lunch! )


Babs Schmidt said...

Oh that looks FUN! Love the colors of course!

Michele said...

Very pretty - and the green/purple blocks make it girly but not Barbie!

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