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Saturday, October 4, 2008

The NO-NAME Orange and Black Quilt

The Saga of the Orange and Black Quilt
(it's not a new quilt, its not an old quilt either,,, just a work-in-progress that has taken a couple of years and I've just never showed it before, I guess ?)

Well, as the story starts, as it usually starts,,,, One day, at the quilt store (LOL) ( do you see where this is going??) I found this collection of fabrics... ( can you relate?) that just intrigued me. The main focus color is ORANGE,,, not usually one of my color choices and especially not for the focus.. but, like I said,, the collection intrigued me.

So I bought some of all of them.

Yes, I bet you know the feeling... all these pretty fabrics that look good together. Pretty pretty fabrics and no idea just what to do with them.

I'm SURE you have been there!

Well, the pretty fabrics sat on my shelf for quite awhile - orange, and black, and gold,,, what was I thinking?? There has to be the perfect quilt pattern for these. .... just can't figure it out.

Well, somewhere ( aahhaa! I just remembered! ) It was in my QUILTS FROM THE QUILTMAKER'S GIFT . I have always loved the story and by golly, someday maybe I'll do all the quilts!

Anyway,,, the pattern is PUSS N BOOTS,,, very basic and a great way to show case some fabrics with medium to small prints ... and EASY! and .. my 'inner eye' said " OOHH a Great way to use the Orange and Black and Gold Fabrics" ( see, the older I get the more my "inner eye" talks to me! LOL )

I haven't shown a picture of the quilt yet.. are you curious?? Orange, black, gold,,, hhmm,,, wonder how this turned out? Halloween!! Lions and tigers and bears ?? Oh MY!

Well, I'm not the fastest quilter and I am easily distracted but yes, I truly finished it,, binding and all ( oops, no label yet ).

This is my masterpiece TA_DA!!
(Webster just has to check everything out! and do you see the round circle floating in the picture? hhmm,,, wonder what that is?,,, )


DSC02003 The pictures are not that great and I didn't think about the old rifle case that my "dear" husband had out there (arrgghh ) but I'm right proud of it! The orange is 'orange' and there is golds and rusts and .. well, I'm pleased with the results. . This is the back....DSC02004 My bestest friend pieced the back for me,,, a great use of all the leftovers! She takes good care of me!

You should see the quilting! Since the top is all SQUARES,,, my bestest friend, who does the bestest quilting, did CIRCLES --- random circles all in different sizes. This one was done before she got her longarm so it was quite a project... I just love how it came out. Maybe by zooming in on the pictures you can see the circles.

I don't have a name for this one yet,, but CROP CIRCLES something is coming to mind ( inner eye is talking again! )

I was showing my son and his ladyfriend some of the finished things and he really liked this one. They have just bought a brand new house so I thought that this would go to them.

Gotta get a label done. Gotta come up with a name!


Julie said...

Very pretty, and Webster seems to approve.

Jennifer said...

Terrific job, and I do like those circles in the quilting that your friend did!

swooze said...

I love it. It looks great.

tirane93 said...

Around the Square? Bubble Boxes? Pythagorean Playground? Two Pi Are Squared?

...just lemme know, i've got lots more!

Bethany said...

Wow! It looks great. The colors came out stunning and I love the borders. Great quilting too!

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