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Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's All About the Process

On one of my sidebars, I have an icon that talks about "The Process". I ran into this while I was looking at blogs and it made me think about the 'process' of making a quilt and how maybe we all don't go about it the same way.
I'm sure that the age old question of "do you start with a pattern or a fabric" has been discussed till everyone is very tired of it -- so let's skip that part. ( Just in case you might be interested, I do both! See a pattern I like, I have to find the right fabric, see a fabric I like, gotta find that pattern -- who am I kidding, I just buy the fabric cause I like it !)

In this case, it was the pattern. I was going thru my books and magazines and found an old copy of QUILTS WITH STYLE from Nov/Dec 2006 { see told you I had old stuff :) }. I must have really liked it when the magazine was new, cause I had already made copies of the paper piecing pieces ( say that 3 times real fast ).

sidebar - do you use copy paper or manila paper, or ?? to make your copies to paper piece?

So, self I say, you have the copies, you have the magazine, why not now? With a chuckle I figured that one more project wasn't going to hurt and I probably had the fabric here. ( HA! that's a joke -- Self I say, you silly girl, of course have the fabric here !)


This is the pattern, it's called Bethlehem Star and it's all paper pieced. Since this was a NOV/DEC issue, they made it out of Christmas fabrics,, nope, I don't want Christmas fabrics, but I thought a nice floral might be pretty. So I'm digging.

Do you pull focus fabric first?

While digging thru my stash, I found this piece of fabricDSC03485_edited-1 now I didn't have any color scheme in mind, I didn't really care if it was black and white [[ oh! that might be nice ]] or if it was blue and yellow or brown and green so I was just digging until something caught my eye. This piece jumped out and said "Use me, please!".

Yes, I know, it's red, green and tan just like the project in the magazine. Maybe since I didn't have a clear color choice in my head this combination stuck and therefore, the fabric found me. But it's not Christmas! I like it, I have it, lets work with it.

Back in I go! LOl It's almost like dumpster diving! rear end up, arms wheeling, fabrics are flying - got the picture!?

This is what I have picked out - for now,, cause I'm always subject to change, don't you know!


there is my focus and the pattern calls for dark and medium red, dark and medium green, light and medium tan. The gold/brown I think will be an inner border - not sure but I kept it out just in case.

I'm thinking that if I switch the backgrounds of the stars from green to tans and the tans in the stars to green it might not be quite so dark? Make the stars stand out more? Maybe a different fabric for the dark green? hhmmm might have to go stash-diving again!

The Process!
now - for some PROGRESS


swooze said...

Nice! I went stash diving this weekend too. I forgot my camera in Mesquite but may have to use cell phone pics. Look forward to seeing your quilt.

Bonnie said...

Love you description of stash diving. Luckily, most of mine resides on open shelves so don't have to do the rear end up - arms wheeling routine. Mine more likely would include falling on my rear after losing my balance from squatting in front of the stash! Good luck with the quilt.

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