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Saturday, October 2, 2010

and What are You! doing on the BeautiFul Saturday?

Aren't these just wonderful! The picture is from the blog Quilt Inspiration.

I'm trying to get my head to quit hurting ( no, not hungover! ) and my nose to quilt being icky - see, thought you were going to hear a good story, huh? no, just the new season sinus/cold/allergies etc.
Supposed to go to son's house today - think I'm going to postpone that until dinner, maybe then I'll feel a bit better, at least better enough to play with the kids :)
So, I'm checking on emails, blogs, etc and ran across this really neat blog called

QUILT INSPIRATION. The quilts above are featured on it. Lots of beautiful creations, tutorials, history and oh! just lots of stuff! In fact, the picture above of the quilts, I have the pattern and fabrics all picked out to make - so why don't I get busy!!

check out the blog - I really enjoyed the trip!

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