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Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Fairy Tale about the Tooth Fairy Pillow

A 5 year old grandson lost his first tooth and Mom said "Gee, Grammy, it would be wonderful if he had a Tooth Fairy Pillow to put the tooth in and for the Fairy to leave him money. Gee, Grammy, think you could make one?"
Well, the kind and wonderful Grammy said "OF Course! We have to protect those little bitty baby teeth, they can't get lost under that pillow - and the ADORABLE Grandson needs a place for the wealthy Fairy to leave A LOT OF MONEY".

So the Kind and Wonderful Grammy thought,, what kind of pillow would work? For some reason Grammy kept thinking "round",, ( where did that come from?) She thought and thought and was just having a really tough time creating something in her mind that could equal the importance of a lost tooth.

So retreat came and that was a project that Grammy took. She had a small round pillow ( see there's that ROUND" thing again ) and brought some bright fabrics. She knew that Retreat was the perfect place to be inspired and creative and imaginative and make the best Tooth Fairy Pillow ever!

It wasn't working.

The Kind and Wonderful Grammy just couldn't get it right. She sewed the pocket crooked, the letters for his name didn't show, the fabrics clashed. She even sewed the pillow cover closed before the pillow was put inside ( oh my! )

The Kind and Wonderful Grammy shook her head, admitted defeat and cried. Her Adorable Grandson needed a Tooth Fairy Pillow! He depended on her! So she went home from retreat with a not-very-good tooth fairy pillow
( it doesn't even deserve to be in capital letters :( - sad sad Grammy )


When the Kind and Wonderful Grammy gets home - much to her dismay she finds out that the Adorable Grandson LOST ANOTHER TOOTH!! She is going to have to give him the tooth fairy pillow ( that she is not proud of ) afterall!

"NO! I will make a much better pillow!" says the Grammy! and she proceeds to find other fabric and then a design ( it's a miracle ) pops into her head! A four-patch! "I can print his name with the computer and put a picture of a fairy on it!", says the Kind and Wonderful Grammy, wondering why she didn't think of this first.

She finds football fabric ( the Grandson is a football fan! ) and something to coordinate with it, she gets out the printer fabric and makes a template and VOILA! the middle square is done!

She cuts the squares, sews them up quick as a wink, cuts the back, designs a little envelope


with a little snap to keep the itty bitty tooth inside and hold the money that the WEALTHY TOOTH FAIRY will leave and presents it to her Adorable Grandson.

The Adorable Grandson thinks it is cool.
The Adorable Grandson's mother thinks it is wonderful.
The Adorable Grandson's father nods his head in agreement


And the Kind and Wonderful Grammy is proud.

( and at $5 a tooth, the poor Tooth Fairy will be broke )

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Kim West said...

very cute idea. Yes, I agree. At $5 a tooth, the tooth fairy will be broke. My kid's tooth fairy gives $1 because sometimes there have been two and three teeth out within a week between both kids.

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