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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grandaughters are Wonderful


Have you had the pleasure of teaching your granddaughter or daughter how to sew?

This is my 8-1/2 year old granddaughter with my Featherweight. A couple of weeks ago I got the pleasure of staying with her and her 4 year old sister for the weekend while their parents went out of town. The 8 year old was all ready for my stay with plans all made out. She received her first sewing machine for Christmas and she wanted ME to help her learn how to sew!! It's one of the battery operated child ones with the needle encased in a plastic cover so no one gets their fingers sewn together. OUCH!

Well, first off, no batteries for the machine - yep, could have run out and bought some but I had my Featherweight with me (( silly Grandma, did you REALLY think you were going to have time to sew! )) so I thought to self "Self, she is a very responsible young lady, lets show her how to stitich strips on my little Featherweight!"

She did most excellently! She kept her fingers away from the needle ( after I warned her about what could happen ), she kept the speed just finewith the foot pedal, and she kept the edges lined up like she had been doing this for years -


I was doing the happy dance! The best part, is SHE LIKED IT!! Maybe now I have someone that might like to learn how to sew! ( Do you see the visions of us sewing and creating together dancing in my head? )

Now how about that Bear kit, Granma! ( talk about a fast moving attention span! 4 longs strips of fabric and she's ready to move on). Ok, she gets the kit and of course opens EVERYTHING, including the sequin pack that goes all over the table - but I'm a wonderful Granma, remember, so I don't say one little word <> )
DSC00264_edited-2 with concentration like this, it's going to be a great bear! but, alas, the attention span goes ZIP ( or maybe she just doesn't like hand sewing! ) and so the kit is put away, with sequins in a snack bag, so that she and Mom can work on it.

So where is the 4 year old?? There is a picnic going on, in the middle of the floor, with dolls and animals and colors and OH GOLLY, I don't know what that child has brought in. (But I'm a wonderful Granma and don't say a peep :)

Mom quilts a little too. She has a sewing machine and decided that for Christmas she was going to make rag quilts for about a bizillion people. ( yep, told her to come shop my stash before she went and bought anything - helped me by clearing out some stuff and helped her, too! )

Mom made them a rag quilt each for Christmas and I tried to take their pictures with the quilts

DSC00259_edited-2 but one didn't want to pose and the


other, well, no camera shy here.

I'm not giving up on the sewing lessons! It was just too much fun. Maybe for her birthday, she needs a REAL sewing machine! ( and how about a kit already cut out just ready to sew) and an afternoon of her and I and sewing machines.


Kathy said...

What a good time!!! I have a 10-yr old granddaughter. One day when she was sewing on my featherweight, she looked at me and said "can I have this little black machine"?????? LOL

Cindy said...

What a fun time the for the two of you. Little by little her attention span will get longer. I like your idea of a kit already cut and ready to go.

tirane93 said...

oh no! a whole new color queen in the making! :)

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