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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Sewing with Friends

mug rug front

Yesterday was my once a month get together with my friends for sewing and chatting. The weather here is absolutely beautiful! and it should be since we were freezing our bee-hinds off last week! ( 19deg one day and 79 the next week, no wonder I'm sniffling ) anyway, tirane has this marvelous re-do to her house where our big sewing table/her huge kitchen table looks out wide french doors into the yard. She had them open and the warm breeze was coming in, the birds were a-twittering, the kitty Murphy was having little kitty dreams, I was with my friends sewing and all was well with the world. It was Marvelous!

So, you might ask, what were you working on Beth? Let me tell you --

The day before ( or maybe it was Thursday, can't remember, I'm old, have that disease CRS { can't remember stuff}) I was at work and noticed that my coffee mug was on a folded paper towel ( and to make it worse, I had used it as a note pad ) and I thought

"Self! You are in need of a MUG RUG! "

I had been eyeballing these on different blogs and remembered seeing patterns on FatCatDesigns ( don't you just love her stuff! ), and I had also seen a mug rug on another blog that I like. But I couldn't just make one without help, so I kinda told / asked tirane if she wanted to make one too! "Of course", she said and rose to the challenge. You can see her's here on her blog.

I waited until leaving Saturday morning to find scraps for mine, duh, hows that for planning - talk a friend into making something with you and then show up with no fabric :) ( they aren't but 6x9 so I only needed scraps ) and while driving to our meeting I remembered seeing the one that Ryan Walsh has a tutorial for on his blog, I'M JUST A GUY WHO QUILTS ( do you follow him? he has some really cool ideas ) and i figured that my scraps would be just right for that. I didn't follow him exactly but used the idea, and I loved the straight line quilting that I did ( got that from him! ). I'm just so proud of myself!! LOL tee-hee-hee

So go see tirane's mug rug ( and she is giving her's away - leave her a comment ) and here is
minemug rug front with mug including my new insulated mug with purple band wasn't I clever to get them to match??? I love the fabrics I used, but wish I had left the green/white for the border only. OH well,, I can always make more !!


and the back of the rug - with my new purple insulated mug. I can just flip it over and have a different rug each day!

Nope, no contest here, mine is a keeper, but really, go check out tirane's blog and leave her a comment. She's giving away hers ( bless her heart ) and maybe you can replace your folded up paper towel with notes all over it for a real nice desk accessory - a Mug Rug!.


tirane93 said...

ooooh! they match!

Quilts By Paula said...

A mug rug - how cool!!!!
I've just started my own quilting blog, and I've been browsing through blogger-land to see what's out here. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm following you now - I can't wait to see what you make next
~ Paula

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