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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back - Sewing in a Cleaner Room

It's been a long while since I've bloged ( or is it blogged? ) anything.  It's been a rough bit getting back into the sewing room since my 4-legged shadow went to Rainbow Heaven.  But! I finally got the room ( LOL half of the room ) cleaned up, the closet organized and I actually spent time back sewing today. 

It Was Wonderful!

A few months ago I started a quilt in greens, reds and beiges from a pattern I found in a magazine - the block they called a Bethlehem Star ( guess it was a Christmas-time quilt ).  I didn't want one for Christmas but I liked the star and the fact that it was paper pieced.  Anyway, it's been a work in process for a while!

See me do the Happy Dance!  I finished the top today!!


I didn't want a Christmas quilt, and in fact, the border is a floral,, so I think I'll call it 'multi-seasonal' LOL.
I'm happy with it,

and it sure is nice to be back sewing again.


swooze said...

Very pretty!

Honeybee Quilter said...

Very nice. My son thinks they look like watermelons!

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