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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm so Proud ---

I have to brag a bit --  I showed you a picture of what my sewing room looked like when I cleaned out the closet --  a very scary sight ( warning!  not for the faint of heart! )

  I asked if you would sew in a room that looked like this - well how could you?  You can't even get to the sewing machine... !

Well, I'm proud of me (I'm taking a big bow to all the applause I'm hearing in my head ) because I'm so tickled with how my closet looks...



From Blogger Pictures
I wanted different shelves that were not so tall, couldn't find just what I wanted so I stuck with what I have.  The fabric is all organized by color, one shelf is all batiks, there is a couple of stacks of novelties and one of panels.  The red case is my Featherweight ( I find it easier to carry the red case instead of the original wood box ).  The fabric on the very top is what I bought to use for backing.

It is so nice! to be able to open the door and see it all by color.  Neat.  Stacked.  In Order. Accessible without having to do gymnastics or protect myself from falling objects.

All the fabric that would NOT fit in here nicely is organized into types, colors, projects and stored in an area in the garage.  They will stay clean and if I have to get something, it is easy to find. 

My plan?  Why to sew it all up!  I want to use what I have here in the closet, then as the colors go down, I can get more from the other storage and move into the closet. 

My OTHER plan?  To get a sewing area that is SO big that I can have it ALL, every scrap, every fat quarter, every piece of flannel, all organized and accessible.  I have a plan to make that happen ( hahahaha very evil laugh ) I just need to put the plan into action. someday. :)

I'll keep you posted!


Kim said...

Now to bad you are on the other side of the country I sure could use some help whipping my sewing room into shape....it is a MESS!!!!!!!!
congratulations on a job well done...how long did that take you?

Happy Sewing

Pattilou said...

Wow, what a difference! Congrats on a super job.

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