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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Long Arm Quilter

One of my bee friends is trying to break into the long-arm quilting business.  You know how hard it is to break into a business and double hard when what you are selling is your expertise and talent!  Several of us have given her our quilts for her to practice and show off her skills.  I made a Turning Twenty a few ( well many months! like almost a year ago!) ago and thought that would be a good one I could left her do for me. 
I should have known.  This wonderful lady does everything, absolutely everything, perfectly and my quilt is no exception.  Isn't this great!  I'm so tickled with how it came out --  I


and this is a close up of the quilting --  no stitch regulator on her machine, either! 
DSC00770   So if you need a quilter, call  

Joan Lush of Paradise Quilting.  She is in Quilt Country in Lewisville, TX 214-213-1600

She'll do a good job for you, too!

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