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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Play Along with Quiltifications

My buddy Tirane is having a quilt-along - she is determined to make 24 quilts ( sorta like a quilting bucket list!)  I don't think she gave herself a deadline to have all 24 done --  but knowing her, she'll do this in 24 days (LOL!!!) cut, pieced, sandwiched and quilted!
Anyway, I saw today on her blog that she has pulled fabrics for 4 of them - think about this, pulling fabrics for 4 full quilts, nice stash huh?! OMG, do you know what my sewing room would look like if I pulled fabric for 4 quilts!

here's one  and another and a third below and the fourth  I think I like the bright stripes the best, I like the bright stripes , yep  the bright stripes is my favorite.  Sorta reminds me of one that I made a while back only mine was white with stripes of color, shoulda made it in black!

So, if you want to play along with her, check out her blog www.quiltifications.blogspot.com and have some fun! 
Wonder if she is going to post tutorials for them ??

She's made me think of doing a 'quilting bucket list' of my own!

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