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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 New FO Challenge - January

I had joined the 2012 New FO Challenge cause it's different than the challenges to finish projects.  I want to do NEW stuff! not the old stuff.  If I like the old stuff I would have finished it, right? Right!

So this is my project for January - I picked #7, the Spa Quads quilt.

TA-DA !!


I did this at retreat from a pack of fat quarters that I found for a reeelllyy good price ( Westminster fabrics ) - couldn't pass them up even though I wasn't all that crazy about the pastels. (I don't do pastels well, they are kind of boring to me ) 
Ok, I admit, I'm not super crazy about the quilt but it was easy to do and fun.  I'm hoping that some really good quilting will make me like it better. 
if it doesn't, then some lucky person will get this one cause I'll put it with my other donation quilts.  Quilts are hugs and everyone needs a hug.

So, my January challenge is met!


Teresa in Music City said...

Good for you! I'm not a pastel person either, but I find that I like working with them once in a while to "rest" from all the color drama. They add a softness to our lives, and we all need a little softness once in a while! I'm sure you will love it when it is quilted and ready for snuggling.

make.share.give said...

I checked your NewFO list this weekend and printed out the Spa Quads pattern. How lucky to see it in action! I love how the squares look all funky. nice work!

Barbara said...

What a great project. I'm so glad you joined in.

Sue Daurio said...

oh that's a great pattern. The pastels look good - calming,

LynCC said...

Fun pattern

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