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Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Project Challenge - March

March has not been a very good month for me - for quilting. I can't tell a story, I haven't really been very good at keeping up with anything - oh well, we all are entitled to months like this, right?

So anyway, my new project for March is going to be the Birthday Quilt from ohfransson.com. Mine is going to be in tans, cremes and browns. Tres Neutral.. and I think I'll do some straight line quilting on it so I can call this one completely done by me

2010 by Elizabeth Hartman / www.ohfransson.com
All rights reserved. This pattern is intended for personal use by home sewers and may not be republished or distributed without the permission of the author.

Here are my fat quarters, the ones on the top are for the light and dark stripes in the middle of the blocks. Whatchathink?  I think it will be a great looking quilt ( I hope! )
I have a retreat coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll get it cut out and take with me --  think I can get it done in a day?


Barbara said...

Looks good. I love the fabrics you've picked out. I hope April works out to be a better month for you.

swooze said...

Cute pattern. I think you can! Lol

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