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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday equals Hookey Day

I feel like I played Hookey from work,,, I've a whole lot of guilt cause I didn't go. Is that the midwest "You have to go to work!" syndrome??? I like playing hookey ( makes me feel sorta sinful LOL ) but I don't like the guilt -- golly, I'm too old to be guilty...

So, my hookey day... hhmmm,,, what did I do? I don't think I accomplished a whole lot, it was a lazy day. I didn't sleep late, got up at my usual 6am and didn't go back to sleep - now that isn't saying that I got UP or that I got Dressed or that I was Functional! NoSireeBob! Not ME! I probably crawled out from the covers about 730 and crawled to the computer. God, I'm addicted to the computer and eamils, and groups, and blogs, and surfing, and GEESH!!! just a lot of nothing!
So I did this for a couple of hours, while I drank tea and ate oatmeal YUUMMM...

Went back to the surgeon for my week after surgery checkup. I have been having some pains in my chest- just like the gallbladder attacks, but my GB isn't there anymore! So what the heck are these pains???
2-13 Pre-Party @ Mikes - Dirty 80s Doctors Surgeon says "Well, ma'am, you are doing quite well and healed just nicely. I have absolutely no idea what these pains are,,, just take it easy and give it some more time".... gee, thanks Doc! I Wanted some DRUGS!!! Give me PILLS to make the pains go away!!! "Well, " he says,,, "take Advil".... geez DOC,,, that's not the kind of DRUGS I Wanted!!! So I bought Advil. But funny, I haven't hurt all day today! Do you THINK it might have something to do with WORK??? If I only hurt at work ( OH! I did forget to say that I came home yesterday at noon cause my chest hurt so bad... the only relief I got was from putting a micro-heat thing on it all afternoon and evening,,, then the pain west away )

Well,,, I didn't get any drugs,,, pooh,,,, hope this doesn't hurt tomorrow!

So, after the 10 minute doctor visit, I went to the post office to send my round robin to Rae in Sweden who is my mail-to lady... this is the block I made for Stevie Quilt Mavens Seasonal Tree Round Robin and this is the block I made for AnnQuilt Mavens Seasonal Tree Round Robin They sent the fabric they wanted their 'tree' made out of and the "sewer" does the rest. Four seasons, four in a group. I can't wait to see mine!

Ok, doctor done, post office done,,,, and it's only 1215! So, I don't, DO NOT, definitely do NOT need any fabric so Hancock's is out, the LQS is a bad thing,,, well, lets see what the thrift store has... Bonnie at Quiltville is always talking about taking mens shirts and cutting them up for scraps and ( do you see the light bulb going off! ) since I'm going to do the Orange Crush mystery quilt with the group,,,, GEE, wonder if there are any men's shirts that I could get cheap and cut up???

GEEZ! Thrift store, shitz store!! They wanted $5.19 for SHIRT!!! and I have to cut it up and throw some of it away. Yes, I know, I can buy the BIG mens size and get alot of material, but I still have to do alot of work to it... so I don't call it a deal... not at that price! Now, if it was a dollar,,,, I just might go for it..... hhhmmm,,,,, garage sales?

LOL I can see my DH now! I go to garage sales and come wagging in a bunch of men's dirty old shirts.... LOL!!!

Ok, nothing at the thrift store, so I have to get a prescription refilled, so I go to the drug store and WHOA -- BACK UP MAMA!!! EASTER candy is 1/2 price!! and they had a ton of it!! Just what I SO do not need.... but bought anyway! LOL... not a lot and I can save it ( sure! )...

So Candy in hand, I go across the street to the grocery and drop off DH prescription so he can pick it up on the way home and I get Chinese Take-out.... just want to see how FIXED I am!!

Yummy,,, lo mein,,, I've had better so I probably won't go back but it was good anyway.

I'd say a pretty good half a day!

Mail came in and with it three movies from Netflix,,, so The Jane Austin Book Club was what I curled up in bed with,,, aaahhh,,, maybe I should read these? It was most definately a chick flick and not all that good,, but it did get my interest in the books - for a later time! LOL

OK,,, I have to get some sewing in! Guess that is for this evening,,, finish the sashing on my pink,black and white blocks so I can get that done.

DH is on his way home,,, luckily no dinner to make - he said he wasn't hungry ( yipee! ) so guess its sewing and tv for me tonite!

Oh, last week work sent me a real pretty getwell basket,,, here are some pictures of the flowers ( tulips, daisies I think, and something else dsc01185 dsc01194 dsc01195
dsc01201 I just love the macro on my camera!!



Moneik said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and out and about.

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Glad you got out of the house today. Hope the chest pains are gone.. maybe you need to take tomorrow off to test the 'work' theory!

Amanda said...

We watched the Jane Austen Book Club last week. I quite enjoyed it. I love Jane Austen's books, and can thoroughly recommend them

Michele said...

Beth, I LOVE Hookie days! Somehow it never seems like I get everything done that I want to . . . but I always feel SO much better knowing I have a whole day of freedom!

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