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Sunday, March 22, 2009


I finally got all the borders put on this quilt, the kit called it Quilters Trails, I'm not sure what I want to name mine,, but I'm not seeing that name in it's future. I like how it worked out. The big ( 8 inch wide! ) floral was part of the kit and I added the mottled navy and creme...
no backing has been picked out yet ( I'm sure hoping I can get something out of my stash,,,! )

I took lots of pictures, but the wind was blowing, the darn quilt is too big, I'm too short, husband wouldn't help ( actually I didn't ask him cause he would have had all his own ideas and that makes me mad,, just do what I want,, keep quiet,, go back into the house,, leave me alone,,, -- get the drift? ) One taken in the shade, one in full sun - the one in the shade is probably a better idea of the true colors.

so here it is -- TA-DA!




swooze said...

Very nice!

tirane93 said...

i just love it. the borders work well and the pattern is great!

CarterQuilter said...

Hi Beth,

What a fun block design. I love the red squares.. a wonderful accent.

Cindy in Seattle

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