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Monday, March 2, 2009

STASH REPORT - ( BUT I don't know what week it is!)

I finished my Double Delight quilt yesterday so now I get to add in the fabric I used to my Stash Report! It will finally look like I have some progress!!

I haven't purchased anything all year!! That is a great step for me - and it feels so liberating! I had a really really bad habit of spending some part of the weekend looking at and buying fabric. Now I spend my time ( if not with the grandkids ) sewing.

The Double Delight quilt took 14 yards - that includes the back, too, and there is probably enough to make a couple of pillow cases.

So, add the 14 yards used for this quilt to the 16 yards used year to date,,, that's 30 yards for the year! Not a lot, I know, but hey! it is what it is...

Now to update the sidebar.

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