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Saturday, March 20, 2010


It's National Quilting Day!!! And I'm Going To SEW!!

I really really thought this day would not get here - I haven't been able to get one bit of sewing done all week,,, a lot of sitting in front of the television, but no sewing! I miss it!!

So, today is the day!! It's raining outside, it's going to be cold again ( someone must be angry with Texas, cause the trees are budding and the flowers are peaking out and it's supposed to get to the 30's again! )

I did go to the Dallas Quilt Show last Sunday and had all the plans of taking pics of all the quilts, posting them to Webshots so everyone could enjoy a virtual show,,, I forgot to recharge the battery. I'm so sorry! No pictures, not even a one! There were some great quilts, too. The theme was Log Cabins ( Judy B at VirtualQuilter would have enjoyed it ). I came away with lots of inspiration! I found batiks for $6.00/yd and scooped up some more ( sure, I need those - see me grinning! ) and got some good quality fat quarters for $1 each -- but that was it! My friend Diane was there too and we walked around for a bit and looked, she got one of the Martelli mats and their rotary - I need to ask her how she likes them. I have their cutter and like it ( so if I like it, why don't I use it more often instead of the Olfa?? )

The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild is having a sew-in today too,, maybe I can scoot down there and say hi.. I don't think I'll get to stay to sew, though.

Ok, have to get a couple of errands done, I'm sewing!!!

What do you have planned for today??

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