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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spinning Santas Table Runner - FINI !

Well, the top is done anyway - and I think I like it!
If you have been reading some of my posts about this project, you have probably been confused about "what the heck is this woman trying to do??!" Well, for background, I had a piece of Christmas fabric that I thought would be great as a One Block Wonder, but I didn't have enough of it to make a quilt ( at least not big enough for a person )
so, I always need table runners for this huge dining room table we have, so, what the heck,, I'll make this stuff be a new table runner! I was actually very pleased with the way the fabric cut into the hexagons and how it layed out,,, so, ok,, I didn't want just some old square rectangle table runner,, these hexs called for somethig DRAMATIC!!

So, my bitty brain thought,,, ANGLES! Put a slash thru the middle and angle it and well,, blah blah blah,, put some red for borders,, blah blah blah,,, oh the santas have leopard print,, hhmm,, that would be a good accent,,, blah blah blah

This is what I have


Like I said, I have a BIG table,,,,( the leaf isn't in this thing either, but it's wonderful when we have family over! ) I took some black and gold fabric and made little skinny 1/4 inch piping around the main parts and this is the red fabric I found ( would you believe this is Kaufman that I found at Joann's??)DSC03262
It looks more orange close up but it was great for this project,, it really is a deeper red and the swirls are wonderful to coordinate with my spinning santas ( are the gold stars just the best touch! )
And,,, this is a hex that shows off the leopard hat bands that I was trying to work with DSC03267

See! Spinning Santas!!

Ok, time for Grey's Anatomy,, later!

1 comment:

Gina said...

It's great. I love the little accent strip

Love and hugs Gina xxx

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