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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Other uses for Stash


We are having our house painted.
It's mostly brick - just like this fireplace - but there is still stuff that needs painted.
What color?
No paint swatches.
Husband suggested dark brown.
I prefer the color is already is, a very light creme.
We need to decide but neither of us wants to go to the paint store to get swatches.

AAHHAA!! I have LOTS of fabric, solids, in many many shades.

Instant color swatches for paint!

Gas and time saved going to store - who knows but
Brilliance - priceless.


swooze said...

Only a quilter!!

You nut!

Mama Koch said...

Not a commercial, but Sherwin williams makes a Duralast paint that will last a lifetime. We painted our eaves (about the color on the far left) and I hope it lasts.
I think the dark chocolate Hershey color is too dark.

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