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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting my act together

I'm having a problem getting excited. I am having a real problem getting up from the very comfortable chair, putting the laptop aside and getting into the sewing room. Do you ever get that way? I just don't feel like creating anything.

I have turned into a potatoe - a sweet potatoe :)

Here is my delimma, I am making a t-shirt quilt for my niece . I let that box of shirts sit for a few months after I received it. It has taken me a month to get them washed, backed with iron on interfacing and cut. I have focus fabric picked out and I finally have them sashed with coordinating fabrics.

I have them laid out - I think.

But I can't get moving to get this finished.

So, Dear Reader,, I need a kick in the tootie to get going, please!

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Happy Room Diana said...

I'm in the same mood, I have a load of photos printed onto fabric and cut out ready for making into a quilt but lack motivation.. wonder if you can buy it somewhere!! Maybe I should put a picture on my blog and see if that will incourage me to get going.

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